An Ordinary Night With Cheats



Yeah that's right, this is another An Ordinary Night With Cheats and this one is really much better than the original one. You will notice a lot more fun and action is going on. Unlike the previous version this is not boring and it is actually fun to watch. The 'stunts' are done on a wide variety of maps.

Oh, and the music rocks! Gotta love Green Day :)



An Ordinary Night, With Cheats
Author: Dark Apathy
Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
URL: http://www.ourmedia.org/user/5674
Sent to EFFiles: April 10, 2005
Info: Last night some friends and I met up on Raichu's server for a little while. This is the story.
Time: 5 minute, 36 seconds
Size of Actual File(without ReadMe): 34.3 MB (it could have been worse! Trust me).
Type of File: WMV/Video file
What you need to play this: Windows Media Player or any video player
Installation: Unzip file. Double-clicking on the file should automatically launch Windows Media Player. If it does not, right-click and choose "Open with..." and somewhere in there should be Windows Media Player. You can also use your own video player. Whatever works for you. Email me if you're having trouble.
Bugs: Please ignore that damn watermark...ugg un-registered Fraps. All in all, it came out better than I expected.
Music: Green Day's "Holiday" and "Give Me Novacane" (Green Day roxxorz).
Warning: Contains cursing and some sexual comments. It's not that bad though, just don't look at the text. 
Other File Locations: http://www.ourmedia.org/node/5533
Special Thanks: Dedicated to all of the old "EF2 Cheating Community" or just people who came on Raichu and GHOST's servers. Thank you, Ritual, Paramount and Activision for EF2. Oh and Fraps.grr...watermark.

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