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Ok I couldn't really believe it at first but yes it's true, we finally have a new EF2 map! As the file name indicates this is an arena-based map of which the author has included 2 versions in total, one for Holomatch and one for Multiplayer. It is held pretty small and therefor recommended for 2-4 players in total. Download now :D



Bat'leth Ancient Arena & Holosimulation Bat'leth Ttraining
by Avenger


put the pk3-file into your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

delete the file from your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

(mp) load the map from the multiplayer maolist, as you normally would
(sp) bring up the console by hitting ^ and type "map sp_ancient" (without the quotation marks)
and press return

When I started work on this map, I planned to release it as a secret map with my Forgotten Danger Mod.
But as my mod is still far from release, I decided to release it now together with I multiplayer version
of the map. (in fact, I made the multiplayer map first)

The map features an ancient style arena, that is supposed to be used as a place for Bat'leth duells in
earlier days.
The multiplayer map is intended for up to 4 players, eighter for free for all or for team-dm with two
players in each team.
The singleplayer map is supposed to be a holosimulation, in wuich you have to defeat several waves of
attacking Klingons.

Know bugs:
(mp) sometimes the random powerup vanishes, when touched by a player, without taking effect
(sp) when you are attacked by several Klingons at once, they hurt, and possibly kill each other

new sounds:  no
new textures: no
bot support: yes (mp)

Used tools:

GDK radiant
Tempest's mni-file-creator

Special thanks to Tempest for his improved bat'leth-only-mod and the random powerup spawner.

Beta testers: (both mp and sp)
Tempest, Pirate Balazs, D*Vel  

Thanks to anyone else, who helped me with his (or her) comments and suggestions.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. This file is neighter made nor supported by Activision.
I will not take any responsibility for any damage this does to you or your computer.(I cannot imagine what kind of damage that should be)
You may host this file on you web site without asking for my permission as long as you keep the whole zip-file intact.

contact:[email protected]

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