BL Abyss



I have to say that I understood this map a lot better once I read it's backstory in the readme. This arena is meant to serve as a "Bat'Leth training base for Tal Shiar Agents who are sent on missions within the Klingon Empire." The atmosphere is very dark and gloomy, infact it's kinda hard to really see where you're going. The fact that there is a big black hole (the "abyss") in the middle of the map doesn't help matters either ;) Along the platforms on the side there is enough light to see where you're going, but the platforms in the centre are quite unlit. The lights along the staircases that lead to these platforms do have tiny lights running along them which certainly help. You can even use the pickups as a guide to know where you're going. The main pickup in this arena is the invisibility one, a good choice for a dim map such as this, it can give you quite an advantage.

At first glance I thought I didn't like this map a whole lot, but actually it's one of the more challenging ones out there which has some interesting elements to it that make it fun to play!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No



Bat'leth Abyss
by Avenger


put the bl_abyss.pk3-file into your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

delete the bl_abyss.pk3-file from your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

A small bridge construction over a deep hole serves as a bat'leth training base for tal shiar agents,
who are sent on missions within the Klingon Empire.

Know bugs:
none till now

new sounds:  no
new textures: no
bot support: yes

Used tools:

GDK radiant
Tempest's mni-file-creator

Special thanks to Tempest for his improved bat'leth-only-mod.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. This file is neighter made nor supported by Activision.
I will not take any responsibility for any damage this does to you or your computer.(I cannot imagine what kind of damage that should be)
You may host this file on you web site without asking for my permission as long as you keep the whole zip-file intact.

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