BL China



This map takes place in a Chinese dojo, and is a bat'leth only map so all other weapons are disabled.

It is a simple map as it is only one room with power ups on either side with the action taken place in the centre, As always good use of lighting and textures. Not one to play with bots though, as they just run around trying to shoot you with a phaser that don’t work.

However, as is always the case with a map from flix well worth a download.




                              BL China

Batleth China by FliX ([email protected])(www.flix.ta-22.de)

as in most Quake III based games,
just put the *.PK3 file into your
.../Activision/~EF2~/base folder
and start the Game

A small asian design arena, for you to duel in with your favorite

Map Suports
-Batleth only

Build Time:
roughly 2 hours

Compile Time:
2 minutes

 - Sounds:   YES
 - Textures: YES
 - Models:   NO

tools used:
Pen and Paper

my thanx goes out to Tempest, for the mus file from CTF_Japan, that is used here. 
And Templest' Batleth only "modification".

special thanx to the guys on the Raven, Ritualistic and EliteForce.com Boards for help.

legal jiverish blabla

Star Trek and everythin assosiated is (C) to some coporate Company,
that gets pissed if this isnt added
and this great game was brought to us by Ritual Entertainement(R)
Quake III is (C) by ID Software
this is an independant map that has no affiliation with the above 
companies, other than the fact that the map only runs on they'r 
This map can be freely distributed, as long as this readme or the
*.PK3 file are not changed, and full credit is given to me 
FliX ([email protected])
I can't take any responsibilaty, for any damage done by this file, not that it is
suposed to, but well just saving my butt.

Please do host this map on your site if you want! just be so kind
and drop me a mail to inform me, so i can keep track of things.

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