BL Lavapit



This Bat'Leth Only arena is set around a bubbling lavapit where you better be watching your step as well as other players. The basic layout is a large lavapit in the middle with a ring-shaped walkway following around it. Besides the big pool of lava, there are also smaller lavapits near the cliff walls. What makes the big lavapit so special is the important pickup that is floating on a small island in the middle. Besides that, there are very few pickups in this small space so you really need to catch them whenever you can.

The map is done rather well, it's got nice lighting, the layout is good and the terrain isn't too fly-papery. There's nothing that hinders this map gameplay-wise, though visually there could be some improvments. What hit me as weird when I loaded the map is the colour difference between the cliff walls in the map and the volcano mountain in the background. I think the skybox should have been altered a little to fit the atmosphere more. Another problem was the really jaggy edges of the map, I think atleast another row of terrain triangles would have helped smooth things out (and get rid of the square-ish feeling). Overall a good BL map, definitely not for more than two, maybe three players due to the limited space you can walk around in. The lava is certainly an extra challenge to cope with!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No



Bat'leth Lavapit
by Avenger


put the bl_lavapit.pk3-file into your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

delete the bl_lavapit.pk3-file from your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

A small map for bat'leth matches in a volcanic crater for 2 or 3 players

Know bugs:
none till now

new sounds:  no
new textures: no
bot support: yes, but bots won't work correctly

Used tools:

GDK radiant
Tempest's mni-file-creator

Special thanks to Tempest for his improved bat'leth-only-mod.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. This file is neighter made nor supported by Activision.
I will not take any responsibility for any damage this does to you or your computer.(I cannot imagine what kind of damage that should be)
You may host this file on you web site without asking for my permission as long as you keep the whole zip-file intact.

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