Blackhole Observatory

This map is based around (you guessed it) a black hole in space. There are many circular walkways of different levels to get from the blue f...


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This map is based around (you guessed it) a black hole in space. There are many circular walkways of different levels to get from the blue flag to the red and back. This map might be best played on low gravity as the walkways are easy to fall off, especially if you accidently go through one of the transporters that are located around the map, which will transport you through each of the different leveled walkways.

If you are one of the unlucky players that can't stay on the playforms for very long, you will find yourself falling down into space before being sucked into the black hole that is placed in the centre. After a short ride down a flashing red tube, you arrive in a white oblivion where you remain for a few seconds before finally dying.

The flags are actually located right next to each other, but separated by a long yellow forcefield, meaning you have to take the long trek around the whole structure to score, unless you find another, sneaky way to do it. :)

Overall it seems like a well thought out map which is reflected in it's quality. I only found a few bugs such as the flag appearing like it's on the other side of the forcefield (Ritualistic's fault), and you being able to wander around in the white room of death (for the few seconds you remain alive) and kill anyone else who happens to be there.

Go get it now!

Review by Gez

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               CTF_Blackhole - Blackhole Observatory

CTF_Blackhole by Tempest
Contact Details: [email protected]
Copyrighted MMV (2005)
Version 1.0


Place the 'ctf_blackhole.pk3' file into your
'C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base' folder
and start the Game.
The level will be available in the solomatch menu, the name will
be shown as 'Blackhole Observatory'.
It can also be accessed by console/servers as 'map ctf_blackhole'.


Remove\Erase the ctf_blackhole.pk3 from your
'C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base' folder.

Description of map.

This map was based off a tiny small image of a map titled,
ctf_rings for EF1 on Elite Force Files. But took the idea and made it

It consists of 3 concentric circles around a blackhole, held in place by towers
and anti-gravity generators. The towers are accessable and the powerup
in the centre is gerenrated randomly, and may be normal ammo/armour items.

Death Traps:

Fall in and the black hole is, according to scientists the last thing you will see.

Level Size:

Recommended Players:
much more can be accomodated. But is not recommended for play.

Gameplay/Modifier Support:
Regular DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Bomb Diffusial
Modifiers: Disintegration, One Flag, Control Points,
Power Struggle, Weapon Score, Action Hero, Handycap, and Elimination.

Build Time:
2 months 9 days on and off.

Compile Time:
22 minutes 41 seconds.

New Items:
 - Sounds:   NO
 - Textures: YES
 - Models:   YES
 - Bot Support: YES

Tools Used:
Uber Radiant for EF2
Photoshop 7.0
EditPade Lite
Countless Brainpower!

Kudos To:- Me, Me and uhh Me! a little to Activision and Ritual.

A Very Big Thankyou to:- The Guys and Gals at

Legal Crap, So we dont get sued and shit!

Star Trek, is Copyright of Viacom/Paramount.
Star Trek: Elite Force 2 is Copyright of Ritual Entertainment.
Publisher is Activision (R)
Developer is Ritual Entertainement(R)
Quake III is (C) by ID Software
All Copyrights Reserved

This is an independant map that has no affiliation with the above 
companies, other than the fact that the map only runs on thier 

Do not:-
	Decompile my File/s
	MODIFY my File/s
	Use my File/s For Criminal Damage (I Cant See How)
	USE my Custom Textures (Or Atleast Ask Nicely)
	Enjoy ELite Force 2
	Enjoy Our Gift I Give To You
	Share this Zipped File (Leave all files intact (including this Readme!))
	Inform us of where it is hosted, for our records

	 May Cause Loss of Data (I said May, It hasn't Yet Though)
	 May Cause Insomnia
	 May Case RSI

	    Our Files Have Been Scanned By Nortons Antivirus and such
	    other reputable anti-virus scanners.

Basically, If this map/file/s, F*cks up your computer, we are not liable.
	   We warned you, and that by reading this readme file, you sign over
	   your rights to sue or likewise, us.

This map can be freely distributed, as long as this readme and the
ctf_blackhole.pk3 and file are not changed, and full credit is given to the authors. 

Originally available from:- and

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