Citadel of Fire

Citadel of Fire is a 'space' map in the sense that it takes place out in space, though the theme leans over to an alien temple of which noth...


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Citadel of Fire is a 'space' map in the sense that it takes place out in space, though the theme leans over to an alien temple of which nothing is known about. The entire map is open, flag areas placed at the highest points with ramps coming down on 3 sides. The main area has a few pillar structures as well as ramps on the side to get down to a third area. Weapons are kept to the sides of the map, while health/armor pickups can be picked up while 'on the go'. The flag areas have sniper weapons (IMod, Sniper Rifle, Comp Rifle) while the main area has more heavy weapons (Tetryon, Quantum).

In terms of improvements, I'd say a different trim texture in the least would bring some visual separations between wall/floor. Oh, and the halo around the red flag is upside down :p (fades down instead of fading up). I would have liked to see some more detail to really get that feeling of a temple. Great job on the lighting, though! Love the shadow effects from the fire pits! I would suggest turning off falling damage(otherwise prepare for EF2's physics to kill you first ;)) and turning on strafe jumping to fully enjoy this Faceoff-esque map!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download '' (2.42MB)

Extract the ZIP file and put the PK3 file into the Base folder inside your
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 folder. If you followed a default install the full path will be:

C:\Program Files\activision\EF2\Base

developer- MB52

map name- Citadel of fire

description- Built by an Unknown race, the exact purpose of this temple remains a mystery. 
             The only glyphs that were recoverable talked of great battles under the flame.

Players- 10-20 (possibly more but holofragging may happen if numbers go over 28)

gamplay modes- CTF, DM, BD (pretty much all of EF2's modes)

u can contact me at [email protected]

This map has BOT support.


BrushBaron for helping me solve some lighting problems.

Vorax Fox for helping solve my compile problems.

Tempest for helping me with a whole pile of questions and beta testing the map and setting up a loading screen for me.

Vr for giving a great deal of opinions throughout construction and beta testing

John for beta testing and offering to make a levelshot for me. ;)

Anyone else that gave me help or advise. Sorry if I forgot you.

7o'nine for the great screenshot program.

Ritual and Activision for creating and supporting a great game.

And finally thank you for playing my first EF2 map.

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without the explicit permission of the author.
You may distribute this pk3 freely in any electronic format but you must NOT charge for doing so. 
You may not modify the original zip file to distribute. This readme must be present at all times. 

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