CTF Borg Chasm

A big room with ramps and pipes all round it and bases at each end.

First the good sides, it realy is fun to jump arround the map in low...


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A big room with ramps and pipes all round it and bases at each end.

First the good sides, it realy is fun to jump arround the map in low gravity. But the map doesnt relay have proper bot support because the bots dont seem to grasp the idea of jumping arround in low gravity. Also the FPS is prety low. But im sure it can be alot of fun if you find enough players online or in a LAN. the bases have a forcefield round them, that can be activated when you press the button. All in all a nice little map, that could have used a bit more detail, even if one can see there was a try to add detail it seems as if the detail is only here and there and not all over the place, big bald walls just dont look right.


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Download 'ctf_chasm.zip' (3.81MB)

Borg Chasm

Mapping: Matt & Asdfga3

Scripting: Tempest & Asdfga3

Created: 12-31-03

= Info: 

This map is based deep in the bowels of a Borg cube. The gravity is very low, but if you fall to the bottom you will be killed. It can be quite tough to make it from one base to the other, so be careful.

= Stats:

Name: ctf_chasm

Gametype(s): DM, TDM, CTF, Bomb Diff.

Modifiers: Disintigration, Action Hero, Handicap, Weap. Score, Elimination, Power Struggle, One Flag, Specialties, and Control Points..... basically everything but the kitchen sink. ;P

Recommended # of players: 4-10

Bot support: Yes, but they tend to not handle the jumps very well, and fall in quite often.

Game supported: Elite Force II

Time to create: Several months

Time to compile: 20 minutes minutes for map and bots

= Installation: 

After unzipping this file to wherever, move the 'ctf_chasm.pk3' file to your EF2/base 
folder. When you start up the game it will be in your Holomatch menu.

= Uninstallation: 

Simply remove the ctf_chasm.pk3 file from your EF2/base folder.

= Contact:

e-mail: asdfga3 AT eliteforce DOT com

Page: http://eliteforce.com

Please feel free to contact me if you liked/disliked the map. Sending "you suck" crap will 
get you blocked, but constructive critisism is welcomed. You can contact me by e-mail or at 
the EliteForce.com forums. I work as an administrator there, so I come around often. ;)

If you have anything for Matt, just send it to my address and I'll pass it along. His e-mail is kinda screwed up. :P

= Credits: 

Matt for first making this map.

Myself (Asdfga3) for perfecting it.

Tempest for creating the ingenius forcefield base protection. :)

Anyone who hosts this map. 

Tempest, Mishiko, and Derrick Goodfriend for beta testing.

Sharky for the red trim texture.

7o_nine for the tip on lowering gravity. 

= Legal: 

You MAY NOT use this level as a basis for other levels without the permission of both 

You MAY NOT sell or otherwise commerically distribute this file.

You MAY host this map on your site WITH my permission. Please drop me an e-mail. I will most
likely not turn you down.

Enjoy, and remember to drop by eliteforce.com. - Asdfga3

 Ā© 2003 | Matt and Asdfga3

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