CTF Cargobay

A smallish CTF map based in a federation style Cargo Bay area.

Its a fun little map with the 2 bases connected via teleporters. This map...


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File Description

A smallish CTF map based in a federation style Cargo Bay area.

Its a fun little map with the 2 bases connected via teleporters. This map should make be good for some fast action. With gangways, over the player to hide and snipe if you need to, not that the map is realy big enough to let you hide and snipe alot ;).

The lighting seems a bit too bright, and could have used some more work. but all in all a subtle map aimed at gameplay not at eye-candy, even though the map is filled with loads of models and the such to add to the detail. Shame the bots don't want to work properly, but still good for a small LAN. keep at mapping and im sure you will get along just fine, Stylsy..


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Download 'ctf_cargobay.zip' (2.11MB)

CTF_cargobay For Star Trek Elite Force II
Map By: Andrew "Stylsy" Styles

Map Information

CTF_Cargobay is a 16-20 player capture the flag map for Elite Force II. It contains two identical decks of a cargo ship, one for each CTF team, connected by transporters at either end of the deck. Each deck consists of two large cargo 'rooms', with a flag roomin between. The main idea of the map is teamwork, as doors and the transporters make it much harder to make a flag run on your own against the enemy team.

The map has the following weapons placed:
- Federation Compression Rifle
- Federation Enhanced Compression Rifle
- Federation Assault Rifle
- Federation Grenade Launcher
- Federation Sniper Rifle
- Klingon Tetryon Gatling Gun
- Romulan Disruptor
- Attrexian Arc Gun

Background Information

Antares-class cargo ships are commonly used in both Federation civillian operations, and for Starfleet. For the fleet, these ships provide transport to vital and hazardous cargo supplies, from antimatter containers to power cells, and are even used in wartime as troop transports. Most of the decks of these cargo ships have identical layouts to maximise storage space, and have wide open cargo bays all over the ship.

Install Instructions

1. Unzip the ctf_cargobay.pk3 file from this archive into your EF2\base directory.
2. Access the map through the multiplayer mode in game.

Known Bug

Bot support isn't working properly for CTF games, I can't get them to use the transporters. This map has taken a long time for me to build so it's time to get it out. I'll look into it for future CTF maps.

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