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DeathWarrior comprises of a number of hexagonal spheres that are connected together with corridors. Each room holds atleast one pickup (weap...


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DeathWarrior comprises of a number of hexagonal spheres that are connected together with corridors. Each room holds atleast one pickup (weapon, health, etc.). The flag rooms are found in two sphers right in the centre. They have a glass "spy" wall between them, so you can check out what's going in with your 'neighbour' all the time :) The map can seem a bit like a maze at first as things look a little similar, well.... the only real different thing from one sphere to another is the lighting and the pickups, which I suppose is sufficient to be able to memorize the map layout. Though the lighting is the best indicator to which side you're on. Along two of the walkways there are windows that let you see the whole network of spheres, this can also help to ascertain where you are. What I thought was cool was a really small thing (which didn't occur to me before) is that the sphere's are actualy at different heights (compared to if they were all on the same xy-plane), this is a very subtle thing that can also help you to navigate your way around.

The spread of the weapons is a bit random, but at least it forces you to move around in order to get the best weapons (and chances are that you will also spawn close to a weapon to arm yourself with). With the slightly linear nature of the map, expect to run head-first into enemies.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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o---}=====>       CTF_DeathFighter       <====={---o

Creators name: 	DarknessKnight15
Map Name:		Ctf_DeathFighter
E-Mail:		trebor@alaska.com	
Creation Time:	2 weeks (about 3 days of building and then a week and a half          			of trying to figure out why the .AAS (bot support) compile 				would not work, it works now though).
Tools:		Ubertools GDK.

Description:	This is a kind of weird map.  It mainly consists of a bunch of 			large spheres (which don't really look like spheres, but 				close enough, didn't want to make it to much of an FPS hog) 			that are connected to each other in various ways.  They make 			it hard to get from one flag base to the other even though the 			flag bases are right next to each other, and you can shoot 				from one into the other, but you can't walk directly from one 			to the other, you have to go through a pretty extensive path 			through the connected spheres to get back to your own flag 				base.  A medium distance walk, but pretty long if you have 				other people in the map.  BTW, this map was made almost fully 			for CTF, but it still supports DM, TDM (sort of, TDM does not 			always work), and all the various little tweaks (Elimination, 			Disintegration, Weapon Scores, etc... you can add to your game. 			Enjoy.

Installation:	Extract into the EF2/Base directory.
			Play the map.  

Bugs:			Team Deathmatch does not always work, at least for me...  				That's all I think...


			BOC Disint Server and the SAS servers = Being the best EF2 				multiplayer servers in existence.

			Severed Teen (A Gaming Forums member) = Beta-testing.

Special Thanks to =

			Ritualistic/ Activision for creating one of the best games 				around.

			Paramount Pictures for making Star Trek possible.

			Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek.

Legal Garbage (Disclaimer/ copywrite) = 
			You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THE 				ENTIRE ZIP WITH NO MODIFICATIONS. The author is not liable for 			any damage this file may cause to your computer. This LEVEL 			may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems. Elite 			Force 2 (C) 2003 Activision. All rights reserved.


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