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Right here we have a new map called CTF Facing World,

Flix and tempest have decided to pair up for this one so it should be a good .



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Right here we have a new map called CTF Facing World,

Flix and tempest have decided to pair up for this one so it should be a good .

You start out in a large house but there is a catch, this house is drifting wildly in space :cool: the other teams base is on the other side of a set of glass paths so do not look down! Some nice touches make this map like for instance the rotating space and the advertising boards Not sure on asdfa3 brand of goods ? :D

Lighting, music, textures and of course good scripting really make this an excellent map to play even With bots.

The only thing wrong with this map is the fact that it does not include a sick bag, as it does really feel like you are lost in space.

So to sum a brilliant map, download now, and to all you people who run servers get it on there now.


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Download 'ctffacingworlds.zip' (6.77MB)

                        --FliXs and Tempest's--
                    CTF_FacingWorlds - Facing Worlds

CTF_FacingWorlds by FliX ([email protected])(http://www.flix.ta-22.de) and
Tempest ([email protected]) (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/david.coles.wales/start.html)
Copyrighted MMIV (2004)
Version 1.0


Place the 'ctf_facingworlds.pk3' file into your
'C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base' folder
and start the Game.
The level will be available in the solomatch menu.
It can also be accessed by servers as 'map ctf_facingworlds'.


Remove the ctf_facingworlds.pk3 from your
'C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base' folder.

Description of map.

The map design is based on the Unreal Tournament level
Facing Worlds, although the UT map was bigger, we had to work
withing the confines of EF2.
It is a floating map, which has two castle like bases seperated by
the vacuum of space and a glass bridge.

Death Traps:

Fall of the sides or bridges your dead.
Im not going to tell you the rest, its a MYSTERY!

Level Size:

Recommended Players:
3 times as much can be accomadated.

Gameplay/Modifier Support:
Regular DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Bomb Diffusial
Modifiers: Disintegration, One Flag, Specialities, Control Points,
Power Struggle, Weapon Score, Action Hero, Handycap, and Elimination.

Build Time:
Uncalculable (Basically we dont know!)

Compile Time:
17 minutes

New Items:
 - Sounds:   NO
 - Textures: YES
 - Models:   NO

Tools Used:
Uber Radiant for EF2
Photoshop 7.0
Countless Brainpower!

Reason for Map: If we didnt make maps who would?

Kudos To:- Me Tempest, Flix, Flix, Me and uhh Me! a little to Activision and Ritual.

A Very Big Thankyou to:- The Guys and Gals at http://eliteforce.com

Legal Crap, So we dont get sued and shit!

Star Trek, is Copyright of Viacom/Paramount.
Star Trek: Elite Force 2 is Copyright of Ritual Entertainment.
Publisher is Activision (R)
Developer is Ritual Entertainement(R)
Quake III is (C) by ID Software
All Copyrights Reserved

This is an independant map that has no affiliation with the above 
companies, other than the fact that the map only runs on thier 

Do not:-
	Decompile OUR File/s
	Use OUR File/s For Criminal Damage (I Cant See How)
	USE My(Tempests) Custom Textures (Or Atleast Ask Nicely)
	Enjoy ELite Force 2
	Enjoy Our Gift We Give To You
	Share this Zipped File (Leave all files intact (including this Readme!))
	Inform mus of where it is hosted, for our records

	 May Cause Loss of Data (I said May, It hasn't Yet Though)
	 May Cause Insomnia
	 May Case RSI

	    Our Files Have Been Scanned By Nortons Antivirus and such
	    other reputable anti-virus scanners.

Basically, If this map/file/s, F*cks up your computer, we are not liable.
	   We warned you, and that by reading this readme file, you sign over
	   your rights to sue or likewise, us.

This map can be freely distributed, as long as this readme and the
ctf_facingworlds.pk3 file are not changed, and full credit is given to US 
FliX ([email protected]) and Tempest ([email protected])

Not so much as the shader code, but the textures are Intellectual Property
of Tempest. If you wish to use them, fat luck wishing will do. Just ask.

Originally available from:-
	http://homepage.ntlworld.com/david.coles.wales/start.html and

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