CTF HighFire

In a somewhat similar setting to CTF Longrun, HighFire pits two bases across each other with an open arena inbetween them. What I liked abo...


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In a somewhat similar setting to CTF Longrun, HighFire pits two bases across each other with an open arena inbetween them. What I liked about this map is the obvious increase in DarknessKnight's mapping ability. Things are getting a little more finished looking as well as the move away from box-like rooms. The lighting is another aspect that is showing itself more evidently. You can easily tell that there are indeed lights, and the shadows are recognizably coming from the various structures in the map (as opposed to vague dark blotches on walls which don't make sense).

The bases themselves are relatively simple and linear. The main entrance at the first level has two small rooms at it's sides for sniping. It leads on into a stairwell area (except ramps instead of stairs :D) which either takes you up towards the flag room, or down to the underground passage. The flag itself is situated on a ledge overlooking the ramp coming up to the flag room. This is good for defenders to get a nice eagles eye view of people coming from below, and attackers can see who's up there. The underground passage is a bit simple, it's just a long corridor from side to the other (though the RAD gun is here in the very open).

While the bases were pretty good, I was a bit let down with the outside and the item placement. The outside is just a plain repetitive brown texture and the items are just scattered (almost randomly it seems). I think the outside area of DK's map LongRun coupled with Highfire's bases should make for a pretty good map :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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o---}=====>     CTF_HighFire     <====={---o

Creators name: 	DarknessKnight15 (Michael Matthews)
Map Name:	Ctf_HighFire
E-Mail:		trebor@alaska.com	
Creation Time:	3 days.
Tools:		Ubertools GDK.

Description:	This map is basicly two large bases opposite from one another, there are multiple floors in each base, this 
		map also has a lot of new things (for me anyway) like decent curved arches and various other things.  The 
		lighting in this map is much better then any of my previous maps (I have to leave now, sorry about the short 
		description, lol.)

Installation:	Extract into the EF2/Base directory.
		Play the map.  

Bugs:		None known.


BOC Disint Server = Being the best EF2 multiplayer server in existance.

Special Thanks to =

Ritualistic/ Activision for creating one of the best games around.

Paramount Pictures for making Star Trek possible.

Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek.

Legal Garbage (Disclaimer/ copywrite) = 
NO MODIFICATIONS. The author is not liable for any damage this file may cause to your computer.
This LEVEL may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
Elite Force 2 (C) 2003 Activision. All rights reserved.


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