CTF Japan

FliX brings us his latest EF2 creation: CTF Japan!

The map is set up as a Japanese house and is on the medium-large scale. On either side...


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FliX brings us his latest EF2 creation: CTF Japan!

The map is set up as a Japanese house and is on the medium-large scale. On either side you'll find Japanese style gardens complete with small fountains and a large wooden gate. There are many ways to get to the other base, though you may find yourself getting slightly lost because of the similar looking rooms. Often you'll get lots of choices on what direction to take (which is a good thing :D). Weapons and ammo are found everywhere in the map so you getting straight into the action shouldn't be a problem.

While the map undoubtedly gives you the Japanese feeling with the use of great details and textures, it could use some refinement in the lighting and weapon placement. RIght now you'll find some very dark spots inside the house as well as some bright spots. I think the lighting needs to be a little less harsh and more uniform. Generally Japanese styles are very calming and pleasant, and the lighting is a key role in that. The weapons seemed to be too abundant, it sort of takes away the challenge in killing for ammo or the better weapon (but hey, this could just be the crazy side of me talking :p)

Japan is definitely worth checking out (at the least!), hope to see it on some servers!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No Modifiers: Instant Kill, Action Hero, Handicap, Weapon Score, Elimination

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Download 'ctf_japan.zip' (14.19MB)


CTF_Japan by FliX (flix_inc@hotmail.com)

as in most Quake III based games,
just put the *.PK3 file into your
.../Activision/~EF2~/base folder
and start the Game

A Japanese style CTF map, in a big Japanese Mantion, with a CTF-Flag
at each end.

Map Suports
-Team Deathmatch
-Capture the Flag
-Bomb Difusion

Build Time:
2003-10 till 2003-11-06

 - Sounds:   NO
 - Textures: YES
 - Models:   NO

tools used:
Pen and Paper

my thanx goes out to Tempest, for beta testing and for technical suport.

special thanx to the guys on the Raven, Ritualistic and EliteForce.com Boards for help.
Skybox by: Mighty Pete: Gold Rush hosted @ Wadfather 

legal jiverish blabla

Star Trek and everythin assosiated is (C) to some coporate Company,
that gets pissed if this isnt added
and this great game was brought to us by Ritual Entertainement(R)
Quake III is (C) by ID Software
this is an independant map that has no affiliation with the above 
companies, other than the fact that the map only runs on they'r 
This map can be freely distributed, as long as this readme or the
*.PK3 file are not changed, and full credit is given to me 
FliX (flix_inc@hotmail.com)

Please do host this map on your site if you want! just be so kind
and drop me a mail to inform me, so i can keep track of things.

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