CTF Longrun

Longrun features two bases on either side of a large marsh-like area. This middle area has a long run of road that connects the two bases to...


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Longrun features two bases on either side of a large marsh-like area. This middle area has a long run of road that connects the two bases together (hence the name), and is the focus of the map. Besides this runway, there are also two trenches on the sides to help you in getting across this marsh. Small hills and ditches provide you with chances to escape enemy fire while trying to get to/from the enemy base.

Each base is also equipped with 'sniper bunkers'. These rooms have windows through which you can snipe people coming over the marsh. The bases themselves are quite simple inside. The flag room is found in the centre with one entrance facing the back of the base.

I really liked how the marsh area came out, it looks pretty cool :D. The idea behind the map is also good. I would have liked to see some lighting in the map! Everything currently looks so bland and washed out.. and the lighting can really help highlight and liven the map. Perhaps a little fog could also have worked to prevent people from sniping straight across the map (which might be painful when coming across campers). Separating the inside of the base with a door would have been nice so more detail could have been put inside. Maybe even an alternate route undergound that opened up inside the marsh...

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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o---}=====>     CTF_Longrun     <====={---o

Creators name: 	DarknessKnight15 (Michael Matthews)
Map Name:	Ctf_Longrun
E-Mail:		[email protected]	
Creation Time:	2 or 3 weeks.
Tools:		Ubertools GDK.

Description:	The name of this map describes the map itself very well.  This is a Ctf map with two bases on either side 
		with a road, some hills, and two trenches between them.  The bases are fortified in a way that makes running 
		from one base to the other via the road a very difficult task (online it should, not with bots).  This map 
		is best played online with uman players but is still a fun game with bot (if you enjoy relentlessly fraging 
		a group stupid bots).  The primary weapon on this map is the Federation Sniper Rifle.  I hope you enjoy 
		playing on my new map.

Installation:	Extract into the EF2/Base directory.
		Play the map.  Enjoy.

Bugs:		Only one bug: occasionly the bots do not work.  Usually they do, but, well, they have their times.


Phillip = 	Beta-Tested.

Jack = 		Beta-Tested.

Rambo = 	Beta-Tested.

Carter = 	Beta-Tested.

BOC Disint Server = Being the best EF2 multiplayer server in existance.

Special Thanks to =

Ritualistic/ Activision for creating one of the best games around.

Paramount Pictures for making Star Trek possible.

Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek.

Legal Garbage (Disclaimer) = 
NO MODIFICATIONS. The author is not liable for any damage this file may cause to your computer.
This LEVEL may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
Elite Force 2 (C) 2003 Activision. All rights reserved.


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