After much beta testing and name changing, Ctf SWS Zoom is now ready for public consumption. TonyDoc has kept the EF2 community posted throu...


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After much beta testing and name changing, Ctf SWS Zoom is now ready for public consumption. TonyDoc has kept the EF2 community posted throughout the development of this map; graciously accepting suggestions along the way.

The map is fairly simple in design; two towering coliseum–like structures stand as your base of operations. There a plenty of lava pits blocking paths and filling pits to whittle away your life points. The pits are fairly simple to escape if you take the time to discover their secret. The map tends to favor snipers; the two towers are accessible only by the lifts that lie in front of them. This becomes a perfect roost for snipers to pick people off unchallenged. This is a problem because there is no good vantage point to remove snipers from the towers with the exception of going up and hoping you don’t get picked off on the way up or trying to snipe them from your tower.

This map makes use of simple scripting with a fun spinning walkway within each base. TonyDoc has added a few little secrets lying about for you to discover. Some you may only see for a moment so don’t blink. The map is plain but good. It has plenty of potential for making a small fun CTF game. There are no particularly striking aspects of this map to make you Oooo and Ahhh but it should allow you a nice, simple fun game.


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Download 'ctf_sws_zoom.zip' (1.81MB)

2003-12-21 version 1.00

After unzipping the file place the pk3 file in your EF2 base folder.

All modes are included except for Specialities.

New textures? 
-Yes. Changed 2 textures from the game.
New sounds?
-Yes. Movie sound bite.
New models?
-No. I'm married.

-map tonydoc1
-first submission for testing.


-map renamed to CTF_ZOOM
-more fixes and changes to map

-map renamed CTF_SWS_Zoom
-more changes

Thanks to the guys at Ritual for the tutorials and to all who submitted helpful hints on the Ritualistic boards.

Thanks to the following people for testing my map and posting on the Ritualistic boards or the SWS boards.
-Astatos Bonzo FFLO MB52 Tempest Terminator.
-My kids Steven and Sandra.

Use at your own risk. 
This map was made for fun and is not affiliated with any company.
No animals were harmed during the production of this map.
Any jokes on this map are not meant to offend any race, gender, religion, etc. but are meant to offend all equally.
Contains no trans fatty acids.

Thank you.


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