CTF Tartirus

Tartirus is a sortof clone of Geothermal (from EF1), but has been totaly built from sratch and has serval key improvements. One of the best...


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Tartirus is a sortof clone of Geothermal (from EF1), but has been totaly built from sratch and has serval key improvements. One of the best improvements is the ability to run over the lava (well jump from stone to stone), which would be intreasting to be doing when somebody spots you and starts fragging their heart out - cos you would have no where to go!

The other key improvement is the tunnel which runs from base to base half way though the tunnel there is a glass window and though it you can see 2 NPC's doing what ever they are doing (pressing buttons to look like they're not lazy :p ). Some eye candy on this map is the crashed shuttle on the side of the map, which you can't reach, but is a nice addition, espically when voyager flys over the map !

This is a great CTF map, as we all know from EF1 with many improvements which increase the fun when playing this map - I didnt believe it was possible, but lol; I was wrong ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes

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Download 'ctf_tartirus.zip' (5.08MB)


			     -=[ CTF TARTIRUS ]=-
			 ((*FINAL RELEASE: 2/9/03*))


Thank you for downloading and playing our first Elite force 2 map aah_ctf_tartirus.
This map is based on Geothermal for EF1 but we have built it totaly from scratch and it 
has some interesting difrences that you will notice :)

*Instilation Instructions*

Place the ctf_tartirus.pk3 file into your Elite Force 2 BASE folder and run the game,
Then either start a server and select the map from the list and your desired game mode
or bring down the console and type "map aah_ctf_Tartirus.



Mapping: James Nukem

Scripting: Wise Washu ;p

Original Textures: Ritual Entertainment

Textures modified by: James Nukem

Skinning: James Nukem

Npc Tiki work and model creation: Wise Washu

Map suggestions, ideas and telling me about caves and terrain: Fox

Final Compile: MR T (big up thanks T for doing that m8)

Elite Force 2: Ritual Entertainment and Activision

Star Trek: Gene Roddenbery

If anyone wants to use Wise Washu's scripting please ask his permision first at 
[email protected] Thanks

*Specal thanks*

Phenix of Elite Force Files for uploading my file and EliteForceFiles for hoasting it and 
the EF Community for their ongoing support of my maps

*Known Bugs*

There was one "phantom surface" as i call it that just would not go away and kept jumping from
place to place as i re made them, there are 2 of them still in the map that arnt very noticable,
One near the one flag and the other on a side of a corner.


*Legal stuff and Disclaimer*

All Trademarks belong to their respective owners, Startrek, activision, ef2, Ritual 
entertainment ect :P

You use this file at your own risk, !AAH! Clan map productions take no responsibility
of any damage done to your computer as a result of using this file, Its always good practice
to virus scan files once downloaded before being put on your system but this map should be fine :)

You may distribute this map so long as the readme file is kept with it and unchanged.
You may upload it to any site you wish for people to download and enjoy, and i would apreshiate
being droped a line about it if you do so i (James Nukem) can keep track of things :)

Please feel free to upload and play this map on your servers, i cant wait to join you 
in a game or two on it :).

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