CTF Virus

Virus takes place on an open battlefield with a large mountain in the middle. Each base has two sniping towers on the sides and a third mini...


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Virus takes place on an open battlefield with a large mountain in the middle. Each base has two sniping towers on the sides and a third mini-sniping tower in the middle. Behind the third tower is a large pyramid like building which offers yet another sniping spot, as well as housing the flag behind it. The middle mountain has a neutral tower housing some pickups and heavy weapons like the photon and grenade launcher. Besides the long run across the field, there are also two underground passages on either side of the map that connect each base. Though both passages are pretty long, straight and narrow so they are pretty high risk.

Because the map is so open and because there are so many places to snipe from, things can get a little tough (or frustrating) when trying to capture an enemy flag. There isn't much to hide behind if you take the run across the field so you better hope you have some good cover to help you out. Obviously this map is supposed to be challenging, though I think it's borderline frustration. EF2's gameplay doesn't seem to lend itself too much to this (like getting stuck on the mountain sides, or the default slow run speed and not much straffing ability) though skill level will also affect how the map plays (i.e. if you're playing against a better player chances are you're not going to enjoy it).

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o---}=====>       CTF_Virus       <====={---o

Creators name: 	DarknessKnight15
Map Name:	CTF_Virus
E-Mail:		trebor@alaska.com	
Creation Time:	4 months.
Tools:		Ubertools GDK.

	CTF_Virus is a pretty large map with many open space. 
	It contains 4 sniping towers, and with the open space the map is good for sniping.
	There are also 2 underground tunnels who take you from 1 side to an other, which takes
	pretty long because the map is pretty large. Furthermore there are
	2 &quot;watch-towers&quot; placed on each side, which again give nice sniping 
	The sky and the ground are nicley done with good effects. More effects were
	&quot;battle-effects&quot; like smoke and burned parts. In the middle there is some kind
	of base which could have been build out a bit more, but overall it is a very good map,
	especially for sniping.   

	-Vincent, beta-tester and writer of read-me description.


	Extract into the EF2/Base directory.
	Play the map.  

	  People can get stuck a lot on the mountain in various places. 
        There is a piece of the mountain that is incomplete,
        because once I figured out where it was in game,
        I could not find it again in the map editor,
        you can recognize this piece by a small hill with half of it being 		  invisible.  No bot support.


	BOC Disint Server and the SAS servers = Being the best EF2 multiplayer servers in existence.

	Severed Teen (A Gaming Forums member) = Beta-testing.

	Vincent = Beta-testing and writing the discription.

	c0mpliant/Lt. Breslin/The Lt. = Beta-testing.

Special Thanks to:

	Ritualistic/ Activision for creating one of the best games around.

	Paramount Pictures for making Star Trek possible.

	Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek.

Legal Garbage (Disclaimer/ copywrite) = 

	The author is not liable for any damage this file may cause to your computer. 
        This LEVEL may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems. 
	Elite Force 2 (C) 2003 Activision. All rights reserved.


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