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After playing, a poor conversion of Voy 2 MB52 has taken it upon himself to make a better version,

This version put’s right what was wron...


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After playing, a poor conversion of Voy 2 MB52 has taken it upon himself to make a better version,

This version put’s right what was wrong with the first one, he has improved on the textures so they look more like the ef1 version and they have a sort of cell shading effort to them, which I think looks really cool idea

In addition, he has addressed the scale of this map so this time round you can crawl though the trench’s which rather annoyed me last time round also he has put in an invisible ledge to the side of the trench so you can escape :cool:

Lighting is put to good use as is weapon placement

Therefore, to sum up, a damm fine conversion and I hope to see this on lots of servers and it should replace the old one.

Game Types Death Match




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Download 'ctfvoy2.zip' (1.47MB)

Extract the ZIP file and put the PK3 file into the Base folder inside your
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 folder. If you followed a default install the full path will be:

C:\Program Files\activision\EF2\Base

developer- MB52

map name- CTF_voy2

description- After playing those poorly done remakes for so long, I decided to simply do one my self. Everything in this
version has been made by me, textures brush work, ect. For the .shader I used ravens as an example. Basicly I wanted this map
to be similar to ravens version of voy2. But not an exact clone. Obviously, I can't make the textures the exact same as EF1s
but I also wanted to make it more unique as ef2 has alot of dark maps. Anyways,have fun if the map is popular I'll probably 
redo voy1 also. 

Players- 10-20 (possibly more but holofragging may happen if numbers go over 28)

gamplay modes- CTF, DM, BD (pretty much all of EF2's modes)

u can contact me at [email protected]

This map has BOT support.


All of SWS

Tempest for showing me an example of shaders.

Anyone else that gave me help or advise. Sorry if I forgot you.

Ritual and Activision for creating and supporting a great game.

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without the explicit permission of the author.
You may distribute this pk3 freely in any electronic format but you must NOT charge for doing so. 
You may not modify the original zip file to distribute. This readme must be present at all times. 

Note- If I do voy1 I may release the .map files, for future voy map insurections. :P

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