Custom Map-Info Data Update

bug fix

well, Tempest brings us the newest version of his maploading mod.

by now there are a stagering 31 maps supported,...


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bug fix

well, Tempest brings us the newest version of his maploading mod.

by now there are a stagering 31 maps supported, all with english and german loading screens. for those of you who dont know what this mod is, well all ot is you know those loading screens you get with the original ritual EFII mp maps, well this is prety much the same just for a variaty of custom maps, if you still dont know what i'm talking about, look at the screenshot below...

this is realy usefull, so you have something to do while your map is loading.

if your map isnt included, get in touch with tempest, and get it included asap, he wants to get a complete listing .


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Download '' (1.07MB)

Tempest's EF2 Data Resource Update, Created By Tempest

Description:- This adds support for custom info screens and ingame items.
Also added is the german version of this file, with translations
Courtesy of FliX and ImTranslator for IE.

31 Maps are supported:-
aah_ctf_gardens ctf_gardens
aah_ctf_lunacy ctf_lunacy
CTF_1on1 CTF 1on1
ctf_ent1 Delta Station
ctf_ent2 Beta Station
CTF_Glade CTF_Glade
CTF_Hammster_Shuttle CTF_Hammster_Shuttle
CTF_Japan CTF_Japan
ctf_speeddemon Speeddemon
ctf_stairways ctf_stairways
ctf_temple Citadel of Fire
Dm_Compound2-b Dm_Compound2-b
dm_ds6 Deep Space Six
dm_jumpstation Jumpstation Alpha
dm_steppyra The Step Pyramid
dm_Tnem Klingon Wharehouse
FX_AlliedBase1 Allied Base1
FX_AlliedBase2 Allied Base2
FX_AlliedBase3 Allied Base3
FX_AlliedBase4 Allied Base4
FX_AlliedBase5 Allied Base5
FX_Bounce FX_Bounce
FX_CTF_Hammer Hammer
FX_Hammster_Car Hammster_Car
FX_KOTH King Of The Hill
GE_Temple The GoldenEye Temple
klingon_duel Klingon Bat'Leth Duell-Arena
lift1 lift
Tanner01 Ground Zero
Tanner02 Tanner02
the_construct The Construct Program

Also included are updates for some maps, such as Asdfga Klingon Bat'leth
Duel Map, a missing texture for GE_Temple, replaced sdript for dm_jumpstation.

Also added a new little map i call the construct program (aka Marix) this is
Purely for headshots of models, with a black or white background.
This map also supports 1v1 or 2v2, the phaser is disabled for Bat'leth Duels.

Aswell as all that, new features such as archetype support, for levels such as
RGP that use infomation on consoles and items etc etc. This allows the small
LCARS box to come up when scanned with the tricorder.

My own personal skin is available to use, it will be located in the select model
menu as Tempest, the Human Mercenary with texture changes, bot support is also

Please Visit Regulary For Updates @

Installation:- Place the .pk3 File in the "\base"
folder of EF2 ie 
"C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base"
Thats It!

Uninstallation:- Remove the .pk3 file from the "\base"

Reason for This:- Basis of my Living Each Day!

Kudos To:- Me, Me and uhh Me! a little to Activision and Ritual

A Very Big Thankyou to:-FliX, My German Translator. Ritual for the Ritual Patch which showed me
how to do the German side of the MOD, Raichu for the Code for the Automated
Process of files for ease. FFLO for the Human Mercenary TIK File, gameRevolt,
7o'nine, Asdfga, if you think you should be named here please contact me.

Do not:-
Decompile My Files
Use My File For Criminal Damage (I Cant See How)
USE My Custom Textures (Or Atleast Ask Nicely)
Enjoy ELite Force 2
Enjoy My Gift I Give To You
Share this Zipped File (Leave all files intact (including this Important!))
Inform me of where it is hosted, for my records

May Cause Loss of Data (I said May, It hasn't Yet Though)
May Cause Insomnia
May Case RSI

I Am Not Rsponsible For Loss/Corruption of Data etc etc
All My Files Have Been Scanned By Nortons Antivirus

Originally available from:- and

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 is Copyright of Ritual Entertainment.
All Copyrights Reserved

email to:-

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