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Here's a handy program to allow you to easily convert to DDS (and other formats) easily. The program supports DDS, TGA, JPG, BMP, PNG and PSD image formats (you can import and export to any of those formats). This newer version is indeed a huge step-up from the previous v1.2. It has a lot more features and is much more easier to use. It is also a lot faster than the earlier version. The only thing that slightly bugged me a bit is that after converting a file, you either had to Close the program or Restart, which is a little weird but still not a huge hindrance to using the program (I'm really just a nitpicking here, ignore me :p).

You can even use this program for other games (or programs) that need DDS files (like recently released Doom3)! Check the readme out for a little more insight into some options that come with the program. I'd say this is a definite download for anyone who needs to work with DDS files.



DDS Converter 2.1 | Release Notes | March 18th, 2005
Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Yannick 'Bluehair' Leon. All rights reserved
Contact: bluehair AT d3files DOT com or bluehair AT wanadoo DOT fr

|---- Manifest ----|

The setup program has installed the following files:

|- Readme.txt
|- DDS Converter 2.exe
|- DevIL.dll			; open source image library used to load images in the previewer and
|- ILU.dll			; perform generic conversions such as PNG -> JPG, DDS -> TGA etc
|- ILUT.dll
|- nvdxt.exe			; nVidia's command line tool used to create DDS files
|- s3tc.exe			; older tool from S3 Graphics included as an alternative to nVidia's
|- vic32.dll

The latest version of nvDXT can be obtained from this link:  http://developer.nvidia.com/object/nv_texture_tools.html

As concerns the program itself, it can be downloaded from the following places:
|- http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;29052
|- http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/;29412

|---- Intro ----|

This program was initially designed to batchly generate DXT-compressed textures out of common image files. Since nVidia's tool is used to achieve this goal, this program mostly acts as a front-end to this tool.

|---- Changes since v2.0----|

- Various improvements on the user interface:
+ 'Options' dialog redone/recoded
+ ESC key disabled in child dialogs
+ added dragging support

- Improved DDS Support:
+ Alpha channel will now be saved if the sources have one
+ Number of mipmaps + their filtering method can be specified
+ Any command-line switches supported by nvDXT can be specified

|---- Notes ----|

- The small button beside 'Reset', '.', makes the output folder match the input's
- The 'Convert' button will remain disabled until you select an output folder
- The 'Opacity' slider won't have any effect on Win9x systems
- The number of mipmaps reported doesn't include the image displayed in the previewer. The DirectX Texture Tool (included in the DirectX SDK) will add one to this number

- Problems and limitations:
+ nvDXT v6.60 fails to read BMP/PNG files; PSD support doesn't seem to be great either
+ S3TC only reads TGA files

To bypass these limitations, DDS Converter 2 generates a temporary TGA file using DevIL to eventually have any file types converted into DDS. This means that nvDXT and S3TC will work faster when the sources are:
++ JPG/TGA and PSD files (not recommended) for nvDXT
++ TGA files for S3TC

+ DevIL ain't a flawless library and may brutally fail to read or otherwise convert some files sometimes. DDS Converter 2 cannot predict those unreported failures and they could cause it to crash as well.

Take notice that I *rarely* have experienced such problems in practice. If it was the case, I wouldn't have released this program!

- Random thoughts if you experience trouble:
+ delete the INI file to revert to the program's default settings
+ disable the previewer; by the way, it is not recommended to preview hi-res images (1024x768 and above) as it would take some time to read them
+ disable the transparency feature by setting "$default window transparency:" to 0 in the INI file

|---- Outro ----|

This will likely be the last update to this program, I think it is quite good as it stands currently. This doesn't mean I won't think about a v3 at some point though, as I like creating MFC tools :) I'm currently working on a long-term game-related project using the Power Render 3D engine; I did and still learn a lot about maths/game design/programming/modeling etc and it's now high time for me to put all that knowledge into practice!

Thank you for your interest in this modest program :)


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