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Chrissstrahl brings us yet another handy download for Elite Force 2.

This pack contains forty five configuration files to aid in r...


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Chrissstrahl brings us yet another handy download for Elite Force 2.

This pack contains forty five configuration files to aid in running dedicated multiplayer servers, these config files have gone through extensive testing and have been "perfected." These are primarily designed for use with Linux or Windows servers and have not been tested with the Mac operating system.

The author notes that server configuration can take quite awhile and these files will make the job a lot easier for anyone maintaining a server.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Chrissstrahl ([ Christian Strahl ] alias [dM]Chriss)

Detailed instructions can be found in: /Documents/install.txt

    This Configuration Files are meant to be used for a
	dedicated Linux or Windows Server. This configs
	are tested and used for about a half year on the
	UnitedServer in Star Trek Elite Force II.
	Additional parameters:
	+set net_port 29001					//Set Server port

+ Tested under Linux
+ Tested under Windows
X Not tested under Mac OS

1.	That's important so don't ignore it!
	Open the main.cfg and edit the following cVars:
	set sv_hostname							"yourServerNameHere";
	set rconPassword 						"yourSecretRemoteControlPasswordHere";
2.	Ensure each config-file is not bigger in file-size as 7,998 Kilobyte
	or the Server will not work!
3.	Definite a port in the parameters for Linux Servers! (+set net_port 29253)
	29253 is the default Port.

4.	Start Your Server with the following parameters:
	LINUX:		+set net_port 29253 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg
	WINDOWS:	+set g_gametype 1 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg
5.	Write the Server Remote Control Password into your local game
	configuration file manually or via the game console!
		Start your game on your local Machine, open the console and type in
		the following line and hit then enter to applay this command:
	seta rconPassword "yourSecretRemoteControlPasswordHere";
6.	Restart your local game, connect to your Server and open the console
	while you are on your server. Use ONE of the following commands to
	change the Modifiers and/or Game Types on your Server:
	//For Snipers only (Disintegration)
		rcon exec desi
		rcon exec desintegration
		rcon exec sniper
	//For All weapons (Disable Snipers Only)
		rcon exec aw 
		rcon exec allweapons
	//For Modifier Action Hero
		rcon exec hero
		rcon exec actionhero
	//For Modifier Elimination
		rcon exec eli
		rcon exec elimination
	//For Modifier Controlpoints
		rcon exec control
		rcon exec controlpoints
	//For death match (Holomatch)
		rcon exec dm
		rcon exec deathmatch
		rcon exec holo
		rcon exec holomatch
	//For CTF
		rcon exec ctf
		rcon exec capturetheflag
	//For Team Death Match
		rcon exec teams
		rcon exec tdm
		rcon exec teamdeathmatch
	//For specialities
		rcon exec spec
		rcon exec specialties
	//For low gravity
		rcon exec lowgrav
		rcon exec lowgravity
	//For modifier Flag
		rcon exec oneflag
	//For restoring all settings
		rcon exec reset
7. 	The server should execute the config-file and restart the
	map automaticly :)
	That's it!

	[dM] darkMatter Clan and
	[SFU] Star Force Union Clan for
	their server to test this configs.

    You can send me a mail to my Yahoo address:
    No technical support via E-Mail, use the Forums:

    All Trademarks and Registered Names are belong
    to their respective owner(s). These Files are not
    supported by the Game Developer or Publisher

    You can host this files as long as the Archive and
	its contents remain in-tact and unmodified.

    If you use contents of this Archive, give Credit
    to the Authors(s). A small note is fine.

    Support only on the official HazardModding Forums,
    there is and there will be no Support from Activision
    and Ritual Entertainment, since this is a Fan made
    Product, and Ritual does not exist any longer.
	This files are Freeware, do not make money by selling
	them some how, including them for free is fine.


    EF Stuff ->
    Activison ->
    Ritual Entertainment ->
    Borg War - The Movie ->
    Strong Compression tool/Archiver ->
    Star Traks: Machinima ->
    Podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming ->
    Program with which this Mod has been Developed on ->

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