DM Borg Outpost

This file contains two maps, first being a 1on1 map and the other meant for larger scale FFA's. They're both pretty much identical though....


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File Description

This file contains two maps, first being a 1on1 map and the other meant for larger scale FFA's. They're both pretty much identical though.

The 1on1 version is based on an Unreal Tournament map called "Gael". The main floor of this arena is only broken up by a small platform which holds a regen pickup; though you better watch your step as the platform is hovering over a death pit! Around the edges of the arena are ledges (which are lined with borg alcoves) and provide the majority of pickups (health, weapons, etc). On either end of the arena are forcefields that transport you to the other side. The FFA version basically consists of three of the 1on1 arenas. The only difference between them being the color (either green, yellow or blue). Everything else is the same, except that the forcefields will now transport you to the other two sections.

The map layout works fairly well in 1on1. You always have an eye on your opponent and pickups are few and far between. Keeping an eye on the regen in the middle will definitely help you stay alive longer. For some reason though I didn't quite like the FFA version. It just doesn't feel as though the layout really holds up for more than two players. Give it a try though, it may be what you like. I would also have liked to see a more stronger Borg 'theme'. At the moment, you could easily change the textures around to create a different atmosphere. Borg themes offer much more than just alcoves boringly lined up along the walls.

Anyway, it's nice to see a new EF2 map and the 1on1 is worth trying out (especially if coming by other players for a decent FFA/CTF is hard ;)).

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download '' (4.45MB)

DM Borg Outpost
by Avenger


put the dm_borg_outpost.pk3-file into your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

delete the dm_borg_outpost.pk3-file from your <<Elite Force II>>/base folder

This map comes in two version. The first one is a 1on1 map based on the Unreal Tournament map Gael.
For the second map I made three copies of the arena that are linked by teleporters in the forcefields.

Supported game modes:
Team Holomatch

Supported game modes (1on1-map):

Know bugs:
none till now

new sounds:  no
new textures: no
bot support: yes

Used tools:

GDK radiant
Tempest's mni-file-creator

Thanks to the guys on the Ritual Forums for help.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. This file is neighter made nor supported by Activision.
I will not take any responsibility for any damage this does to you or your computer.(I cannot imagine what kind of damage that should be)
You may host this file on you web site without asking for my permission as long as you keep the whole zip-file intact.


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