DS7 Starbase Teaser 2



trekkish offices. Upstairs is now fully furnished, and now there is a lift next to OPS to the main Station Promenade. (not working atm due to teaser only) That finishes platform 1 deck 1, the teaser, with an unfortunate crash. (I dont know how to change maps)Thats it, it's much improved with more features too. Much more attractive. However, there is still an issue of the mirrored textures, the poorly implemented displays mounted on the walls and the patterned steel floor looking tacky - the steel floor would look good if the walls matched it but alas it doesn't, also the steel ceiling looks out of place. Its not a bad mod but alot of redesigning of the interior is needed..the low walls and cramped space is indicative of Starbase 375 from DS9 or indeed the Defiant Class but in order to maximize this spartan design it should be more metallic looking just like a defiant because the luxurious galaxy-type walls just don't suit the low rise ceilings and tightly compacted compartments. Overall it's an adequate improvement but it still needs alot of work. Download if you wish!- IKS


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