Eagleeye v2 Beta

This is version two of Dr Bobs eagleeye beta map,

He has added another floor to his map and also fixed some bugs for example the doors on...


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This is version two of Dr Bobs eagleeye beta map,

He has added another floor to his map and also fixed some bugs for example the doors on the bridge entrance to the turbo lift does not kill you any more.

He has also added an engineering deck, and a warp core! See screen shots. All looks much better but there is some over lap on the second set of doors in the lift and You lose some life on the engineering deck leaving the Turbo lift ,also a door opens out into space as well, But this will lead to a room of some sort in the next version .

This map only works on a single player as the lift does not work on muti, so load a single player and press ¬ (next to the 1 key) and type devmap eagleeye, hopefully Dr Bob Will sort this out :)

So all in all it's getting better, here's looking forward to version 3 . :D


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Download 'eagleeyev2.zip' (1.2MB)

Mod Title:	Eagle Eye BETA Version 2.0
Mod Genre:	Roleplay
E-Mail:		drbob@tomjepp.co.uk
Website:	drbob.tomjepp.co.uk
Creator:	Geometry: DrBob
		Scripting: DrBob & Ritual Entertainement
Creation Time:	Geometry: 4 Hours
		Scripting: 8 Hours
		Total: 12 Hours
New Additions:	New Models: Yes
		New Textures: Yes
		New Menus: Yes
		New Scripts: Yes
		New Dialogs: Yes
Tools:		Ubertools GDK
		Adobe Photoshop 6
		Microsoft Image Composer
		Microsoft Notepad
Description:	This map is not intended to be complete,
		rather, it is intended to tantalize your
		computers for the full version, it is
		also so that I can reserve the spot for
		a heavily-scripted roleplaying map,
		because there is nothing more annoying
		than slaving for months over a huge map
		and script to be beaten by someone else!
Installation:	Extract the 'eagleeye.pk3' file to the
		'base' directory of your Star Trek:
		Elite Force II installation.
How To Use:	After installing the mod, start up Elite
		Force II and go to 'New Game', now select 
		the 'U.S.S. Eagle Eye' option. The map will
Thanks:		Thanks to Ritual Entertainment for
		creating such a good and moddable game,
		to Activision for producing all these
		Star Trek games, and thanks a lot to
		whoever made the scripting tutorial for
		using paths.
Disclaimer:	I dismiss all responsibility if this mod
		ruins your computer. It has, however
		been thoroughly tested.
		All trademarks are the properties of
		their respective owners.
Why Make It?:	I made this file to prove to some people
		(namely the guy who reviewed my first map
		 - CastleMaze) that I CAN mod, and that it
		IS possible to make a scripted turbolift.
		This turbolift IS scripted.
		I also made it because I was bored.

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