Eagleeye V3 Beta

Here is V3 of Dr Bobs eagle eye map,

This time round he has added a sick bay and done some more work on the warp core nacelle All looks...


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Here is V3 of Dr Bobs eagle eye map,

This time round he has added a sick bay and done some more work on the warp core nacelle All looks a lot better this time round and he has added a lot more sparkle and shine to it

Still a bit overlap here and there and I am losing health leaving the turbo lift. Also, he needs to address the multiplayer problem, as only being able to play this in Single player mode is a bit like playing snap by yourself! :(

Over all getting better but not that much has changed from the the last to this one really.


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Download 'eagleeyev3.zip' (2.16MB)

Mod Title:	Eagle Eye BETA Version 3.0
Mod Genre:	Roleplay
E-Mail:		drbob@tomjepp.co.uk
Website:	drbob.tomjepp.co.uk
Creator:	Geometry: DrBob
		Scripting: DrBob & Ritual Entertainement
Creation Time:	Geometry: 10 Hours
		Scripting: 10 Hours
		Total: 20 Hours
New Additions:	New Models: Yes
		New Textures: Yes
		New Menus: Yes
		New Scripts: Yes
		New Dialogs: Yes
Tools:		Ubertools GDK
		Adobe Photoshop 6
		Microsoft Image Composer
		Microsoft Notepad
Description:	This map is not intended to be complete,rather, it is intended to tantalize your
		computers for the full version, it is also so that I can reserve the spot for
		a heavily-scripted roleplaying map,because there is nothing more annoying
		than slaving for months over a huge map and script to be beaten by someone else!

Installation:	Extract the 'eagleeye.pk3' file to the 'base' directory of your Star Trek:
		Elite Force II installation.
How To Use:	After installing the mod, start up Elite
		Force II and go to 'New Game', now select 
		the 'U.S.S. Eagle Eye' option. The map will load.

Thanks:		Thanks to Ritual Entertainment for creating such a good and moddable game,
		to Activision for producing all these Star Trek games, and thanks a lot to
		whoever made the scripting tutorial for
		using paths.
Disclaimer:	I dismiss all responsibility if this mod
		ruins your computer. It has, however
		been thoroughly tested.
		All trademarks are the properties of
		their respective owners.
Why Make It?:	I made this file to prove to some people (namely the guy who reviewed my first map
		 - CastleMaze) that I CAN mod, and that it IS possible to make a scripted turbolift.
		This turbolift IS scripted. I also made it because I was bored.
Why Did It
Take So Long?:	Because UberRadiant refused to save the geometry properly half way through, so I
		had to recover a previous version, patch it up to the current version (manually using
		WordPad) and compile it manually using an
		MS-DOS prompt. Take pity on me please!Has anyone else encountered this?
		Does anyone know how to fix it?

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