EF2 Powerfull

Here we have a mod for ef2 that make’s it play more like ef1 but with Captain Odyssey own little twist

He has played about with the ammo...


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Here we have a mod for ef2 that make’s it play more like ef1 but with Captain Odyssey own little twist

He has played about with the ammo reload speed, how much ammo you carry, distance they travel and of course, how much damage they cause which in my book are all dam good things !

Also he has added new sounds and this is a good thing as they all sound really :cool:

So what are you waiting for press that download button !!


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Download 'ef2_powerfull.zip' (715KB)

EF -2- Powerfull ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][By: [SE]Cpt Odyssey])

Automatic Transmitter Enabled: Transmitting/.....
/Play Recorded Transmition: (START)/

       Hello, I'm Captain Odyssey of the Space Explorers clan. After I did all I 
felt like doing with Elite Force 1, it dawned on me that there was a reason I
liked working with Elite Force 1 more than Elite Force 2. It was because the
weapons are all worth using on EF1. Elite Force 2, the only decent weapons 
are the Quantum Burst, Tetryon Repeater, Sniper Rifle, & Shotgun. 4 out of 
allot more. I decided to make EF2 a bit more like EF1, with a few little twists
of my own.

INSTALATION - (Rather simple, but for the newbies, here's the drill)

1. unzip file to desktop
2. right click on zzzEF2Powerfull.zip & click copy
3. paste it in the Base folder in the EF2 Directory
4. play (duh)

Word of warning, this cool shit can only be played online if both U & your
buddies have it, so put somethinh like EF2Powerful or something in your 
servers name.

This mod does the following:

Extends range a bit

Compression Rifle:
Full Clip = 25 primary shots or 10 alt shots
Primary Fire now does 45 damage
Alt Fire now does 80 damage (like in Single Player)
Alt Fire travels a bit faster
New sounds

Each plasma pellet does 12 damage
Fires 24 plasma pellets
condenses spread by 7%

Enhanced Comp Rifle:
Fires 25% faster
New Sounds

Sniper Rifle;
Has 5 rounds in a clip (Like the sniper rifles used by the FBI)
Does 350 damage per shot
Has the Orange vaporizing effect of the Comp Rifle's Alt
Sounds from EF2 Single Player

Quantum Burst
Torpedoes fly faster (has an EF1 feel to it in the speed of the torpedo)
New Sounds

Ritual & Activision - for making the damn game
[SE]Cpt Odyssey - For getting off my ass & doing something about the 
retarted Multi Player Game play

Legal Stuff:
     For those of you with no computer smarts or have an IQ that is equal 
to your street's speed limit, I'm here to tell you that I am not responsible
for anything you do to your computer with this file. Activision & other
game companies who support EF2 are not liable for anything you break
with this file. And if you can do any damage by trying to use this file, than
U either have something other than windows, or you should be wearing 
protective clothing 24/7. Good Day. 

(P.S. It works fine for me)

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