EF2 Torture

EF2 Torture is yet another torture map by Raichu. While his previous torture maps take place on EF, this one takes place on EF2. It is a sma...


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EF2 Torture is yet another torture map by Raichu. While his previous torture maps take place on EF, this one takes place on EF2. It is a small sized map with a few different rooms. Every panel can be used with the use button. By closing the main door, you can lock other players in the big cargo room. With the consoles on the first floor you will be able to torture them. The ability to open the outer door will suck the players into space. Monsters can be added with another console but they are very leathal. Simply open the doors to suck them into space. 4 turrets are placed in each corner. The room on the back has 2 lava rooms. Raichu has graciously added his map file for others to check out.

While torture maps are not my favorite kind, it is worth to check it out.

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Download 'ef2torture.zip' (240KB)

********USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!********

*\/----====Map info====----\/*
Date finished:Sometime in 2004
Date released:1/22/05
For:Star Trek Elite Force 2

Made with UberRadient
Compiled with Q3map2

-Bot Support (bots are pretty dumb, as always)
-.map file (Terms for ther .map included in the LEGAL section)
*/\----====Map info====----/\*

*\/----====Installaition Instructions====----\/*
Put torture.pk3 into your BaseEf folder

You can then type (in the console)
-devmap rai2
-map rai2
to play the map
Devmap has cheats, map doesnt.
*/\----====Installaition Instructions====----/\*

*\/----====Map info====----\/*
This is a map of a annoy room (to annoy people). The functions are listed below:
-Manual Torture:Shoot people through 1-way blast windows/doors
-Super Turrets (more on this later, requires cheats to be enabled)
-Exomorph spawner!
-Airlocks (when opened people will fly out and get vaporized)
-Replicators (takes a while for the weapons you get to respawn though)

How to enable Super Turrets:
-Cheats must be enabled. You are manually activating a script function
-In the console type:
	script thread main_spec_turret_trigger
-The turrets will come out of a hole in the ceiling.
-This will toggle the super turrets
*/\----====Map info====----/\*

*\/----====Legal stuff====----\/*
This map is freeware, and it REAMINS freeware. DO NOT SELL IT OR GIVE IT TO SOMEONE FOR AND PROFIT!
You may copy this map as long as:
-1.It is not for any kind of profit
-2.This readme file is included IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM

2.Terms of use for the .map
Included is the .map file (source) for you to look around or use. If u decide to use any part of this map in your map please give me (Raichu) credit for the part you used (if you dont it can be considered "map theft"). Otherwise, DONT USE IT!

3.Use at your own risk
I cant be held responsible for abything that may happen to you when using this map (includes but not limited to:Your computer blowing up, your heater screws, you get hit by a madman, you get banned from a server, etc, etc, etc)

4.The Bull(censored) legal stuff
*/\----====Legal Stuff====----/\*

*\/----====Other Stuff====----\/*
Why i made this map
To torture people. With the power of EF2 Scripting!
*/\----====Other Stuff====----/\*

Making the map
-Raichu (me!)

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