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This is a very handy and helpful tool that allows you to switch between the patched and unpatched version of EF2. You only need this if you...


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This is a very handy and helpful tool that allows you to switch between the patched and unpatched version of EF2. You only need this if you play the game online and because of the inactivity need to chose an unpatched server. Definately recommended. :D

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Download 'ef2vswitcher.zip' (3.18MB)

Switch fast between the version 1.01 and 1.1
This file was "programmed" by Christian Strahl
alias [dM]Chriss, Chrissstrahl to make it
even easyer to switch between tow Versions
of EF2.

Language: English
Require Installation: NO!
Brings new files: Yes!
Reuires Patched Game: Yes!

Install the Game, patch it, then download
the Zip-file including the programm here.

Copy This Folder with all files included in your
ef2 -> c:/games/ef2/ Folder and run ef2_switcher.bat
the directory where teh ef2.exe is located is meand
by this!!!

EF2 is a game with a very small comunity
the comunity gots split by the patch,
this tool can help out a little bit.

On some days the unpatched servers are
empty, and a other day noone is playing
on the patched servers, this tool allowes
the user to simly unpatch/repatch the game.

You need a patched installed copy of EF2, put
unzip this Archive and put the complete folder
"ef2vSwitcher" including it all files in your
ef2 directory, exactly where your ef2.exe shoud
be located.

Run the Programm, it will automaticly chek it's
location and run a Setup/Backup rutine to backup
your files.

If you delete the tool make sure you did repatch
the game before you delete this tool, if you
don't, you maybe have to reinstall your game,
otherwise you stick with version 1.01.

If you figure out how to cominine this tow lines
below here you shoud be able to send me a mail.
One of the tow (with my name) is also my Yahoo name.

All Trademarks and Registred Names are belong
to thair respective owner. This Tool is not
supported by Activision or Ritual Entertaiment.

You can host this file, as long as you do not
change this Zipfile including all files in it.
This file is Freeware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few links maybe you can use them...

EF STuff -> www.effiles.com
(German) EF2 Leauge -> www.st-news.net
EF2 STVCoI Mod -> www.exp-ind.com/stvcoi
Activison (Publisher) -> www.activision.com
Strong Compression tool/Archiver -> www.7zip.org
My Clan, active in EF2 -> www.darkmatter-clan.com
My Modding Site -> http://hazardmodding.chrissstrahl.de
Ritual Entertaiment (EF2 dev) -> www.ritualistic.com / www.ritual.com
EliteForceTC (Project to make a EF for HL2 as Mod) -> www.eliteforcetc.com
Borg War - The Movie (Movie Project with ST-Games including EF2) -> www.borgwarmovie.org
Half Life2: Borg Wars (Project to make a EF for HL2 as Mod) -> Borg Wars http://borgwars.hlgaming.com

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