Gigon provides us with a brand new CTF map, for Elite Force Two this time, Exchanger01 overall is a great map and has a lot of potential. St...


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Gigon provides us with a brand new CTF map, for Elite Force Two this time, Exchanger01 overall is a great map and has a lot of potential. Strafe-jumping seems to be very popular in EF2 multiplayer and this map most certainly leaves plenty of space to do so, with long corridors and high ceilings this map is bound to be strafing heaven.

Unlike most CTF maps this one has brought a rather unique feature with it, instead of spawning near your team flag you begin in a form of transporter room. You have a wide selection of transporter pads to use which will send you into the main area of the map, from there you are given a vast amount of room to move around and strafe to your hearts content.

Although the some areas of the map were darker than others and lacking in lighting, I felt that this added to the overall atmosphere of the map and helped to bring out a more interesting feel. We've seen plenty of maps fully lit with no shadows or dark areas and it's always nice to have a map with varying light levels.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions, enjoy! :)


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Exchanger 01

A Star Trek Elite Force 2 multiplayer level by:

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

E-Mail : jigjoc[at]hotmail[dot]com

(Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .)


For questions and help, please ask at common Elite Force 2 
forums. I dont have time to personally answer all questions sent 
to email.
Installation instructions:

Put the exchanger01.pk3 in your BaseEF folder or in your 
favorite mod folder.


Delete the exchanger01.pk3.

- Game Type: 

Holomatch, Team Holomatch, Capture the Flag, Bomb Diffusion.

- Modifier: 

Handicap, Disintegration, Action Hero, Weapon Score, Elimination, 
Specialities, Power Struggle, Control Points, One Flag.

- 15/Team spawnpoints.
- 18 FFA spawnpoints.
- Custom textures.
- bot support.
Note on bot support:

I've try to make the map as 'bot-Friendly' as possible, despite
that, Bots are pretty stupid. 

As a result, the bots are not so good at capture the flag. They 
are very bad at power struggle and bomb diffusion. They are 
practically useless at one_flag. 

However they work quite well at holomatch and control points.
Known bugs:

In some places, behind closed doors, their's light leaking
makin' weird shadow thingy.
Additional Note:

- All mapping by Eric 'Gigon' Lessard.

- All textures by Eric 'Gigon' Lessard.

- Some textures are based on royalty-free Golgotha texture set.

- Lcars interface images (3) by Cmdr T Weimann.

- UberRadiant, pakscape, DDS converter 2, MNI File Maker.

- Activision, Ritual, Corel, Adobe, Microsoft, notepad. 

- Cmdr T Weimann, SA, Chrissstrahl.

- Paramount.
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions:

DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. You cannot hold me responsible for 
any damage this causes to your computer. 

You also cannot hold me responsible for any loss of data,
nervous breakdown, family problems that may result from the use 
of this file. However, if used properly, This file will not 
cause any damage.

This file contains no viruses. However, I recommand scanning all 
files you download from the internet with an antivirus software.

Copyright (c) 2007 Eric Gigon lessard, All rights reserved.

All Trademarks and Registred Names belong to their respective 
owner. This File is not supported by the Game Developer or 

This file may not be used in the creation of another level or 
other project without explicit permission from the author. This 
file must not be decompiled or edited in any way.

This file may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE 
to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt 
file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY.

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