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This mod replaces the EF2 combadge with the First contact combadge seen in the movies


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This mod replaces the EF2 combadge with the First contact combadge seen in the movies

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--File Information-------
This is a Replacement graphic for the Starfleet com-badges, a.k.a. the communicator.
The image it replaces the ritual com-badge with is an accurate com-badge as used from first contact onwards.

--How to Install---------
Find where on your hard drive you have EF2 installed, open that folder. Then open the folder called "Base"
Then drop the PK3 file (and only that file) into your [EF2\base] directory.

--Why did I make this?? -
As much as I love this game, the com badge bugged me. once I noticed how bad it looked I had to take a brush to it. 
This badge is sourced from on a publicity photo from first contact mixed with my own metal badge at home. I darkened it down and then muddied the texture to make it match the ritual badge for darkness. This is so that the badge doesn’t stand out on the uniform too much.
Now that I’m happy that is works in game I've decided to release it.
If you like this and think I should make more then e-mail me.
If you want my base files to make your own textures, again, e-mail me.

--Respect is due to...--
For making a stunning game play experience that takes the good points of the first game then far surpasses it.

--If you want to use or modify this file...
Go ahead but e-mail me the result. Please give me credit if you’re using my texture as a base.

--Made By---------------


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