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This skin updates Picard to the uniform as seen in First Contact. I haven't seen this movie, so I'm not sure how 'canon' it is. So I'll lea...


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This skin updates Picard to the uniform as seen in First Contact. I haven't seen this movie, so I'm not sure how 'canon' it is. So I'll leave it up to you guys to see if it's something to please the Trekkie in you ;)

The skin doesn't detract from the original demo skin, so there is no harm in using it!

(detailed) Installation intructions are in the readme! Basically extract pak40.pk3 to your 'SP Demo/base' directory. FYI: The screenshot below's gamma was probably intentionally increased to show the zipper and all that :)

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--- FC Uniform ---

Second Elite Force 2 mod (I hope :) )

Unzip the file 'uniform.pk3' to the folder 'base' in your Elite Force 2 directory. It will add file pak40.pk3 to other pk3's. Start new game/load old with developer mode enabled. You can do this by adding the 'set developer 1' command to the EF2 shortcut:

example: "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Elite Force II Single Player Demo\EF2.exe" +set developer 1

Alternatively you can add the command   seta developer "1"   to the config file.

When you are in a map use the following commands to spawn Picard in new uniform:

spawn models/char/starfleet_picard.tik
viewspawn models/char/starfleet_picard.tik

(viewspawn spawns non-interactive char)

Skin name	: First Contact uniforms
Created by	: Jan Strzelecki (Kazeite)
Released on	: 8/5/2003

Singleplayer npc	: Yes
Holomatch skin	: No

Development time	: Couple of hours only :)
Software used	: Corel PhotoPaint 11, Pakscape.

Anyone who watched new movies or late DS9 seasons have probably noticed that EF2 Starfleet uniform is not totally acurate to the 'real' versions. This mod attempts to correct that oversight.
Of course, I realize that as of right now this mod is nearly useless :) Picard only shows in demo for couple of seconds only in the form of 'talking head', so it's not like his uniform is fully visible.
Oh well. I consider this mod to be a warmup before the full game. :)

I would like to thank Ritual Entertainment for giving us a sequel to Elite Force, even if I don't consider EF2 to be better than EF1 yet, and Raven Software for the excellent original Elite Force, and, of course, George Lu... I mean, Gene Roddenberry :D for creating Star Trek.

If you have any questions or problems concerning this mod feel free to contact me.
E-mail	:

You can distribute this skin as long as I'm given the proper credit. Please do not change the pk3 file for further distribution and do not remove this readme file.
If you want to use this skin for your own creation you CAN do that. All I ask is some credits in you readme :)

So, enjoy it! Let's hope full version will have more accurate uniforms. :)

Jan Strzleecki - Kazeite

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