Forgotten Danger Mod - Source



and scripts, as well as with a own story line. Due to the recent development the developing team had to drop the Project and decided to release it's source files, as open source.This mod contains a good bit of content - the full complement is 9 original maps, 50 Prefabs, 7 Level-scripts, 6 new shaders and 24 modified/new textures.The Quality of mapping is similar to the A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky Mod. Most of the maps form Forgotten Danger Mod are in a work in progress state so expect to see missing sections, dead ends and the occasional bug here and there. The mapping, texturing and scripting quality is top drawer and the quality of the mod itself as a whole even as an unfinished one is excellent. Given its source code is included it is not only enjoyable but benefitial to anyone who wishes to learn more about modding Elite Force 2. This is highly recommended!- IKS


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