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As the machine known as Flix gathers more speed, he brings us his latest map, The Fun Map Pack, which are 3 remakes of his Unreal Tourname...


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As the machine known as Flix gathers more speed, he brings us his latest map, The Fun Map Pack, which are 3 remakes of his Unreal Tournament Fun Maps.


From the start you notice the openness of this map, as there are no walls. You must either hunt or be the hunted on this one! You will also see that the map is crammed full of every weapon, armor, and ammo under the sun, (See Screenshot) this makes it quite fun!!

I would, on the whole, say it is ok if you have 15 minutes to spare. It is a good laugh to play with friends or to play with bots it is just as much fun!!


This map is reminiscent of the matrix scene set in the office where Neo was escaping from those agents.

It looks like you are on someone’s desk; as if being watched from above, which is a novel idea! And also this map has the same music as the other maps in this pack

Ok, this is a sneak-and-shoot map J . You don’t know what is around the corner and before you know it you are being shot at. Lol

They only thing was the over zealous placement of weapons! But on the whole, it is a good, fun map


Ok next up we have WereAmI this one reminded me of Tron you know the bit with the light cycle bikes No? Ok then The map is set in a box which has rows of columns in it with an only light coming up from the floor which is a good idea! So you can hide in the shadows and surprise your enemy.

Anther fun map which you can use to kill 15 minutes!

So to sum the whole map it is no eye candy but it never pretends to be, The whole point is fun and if want to have a quick frag then download this.


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Download '' (5.5MB)

                            Fun Map Pack

Fun_MapPack by FliX (

as in most Quake III based games,
just put the *.PK3 file into your
.../Activision/~EF2~/base folder
and start the Game

3 maps, soley aimed at one thing fun with 2-4 players or bots.
These maps where never intended to be eye candy.
They are all remakes of 3 of my original Unreal Tournament "Fun"

Map Supports

Build Time:

 - Sounds:   YES
 - Textures: NO
 - Models:   NO

tools used:
Pen and Paper

my thanx goes out to Tempest, for the mus file from CTF_Japan, that is used here.

special thanx to the guys on the Raven, Ritualistic and Boards for help.

legal jiverish blabla

Star Trek and everythin assosiated is (C) to some coporate Company,
that gets pissed if this isnt added
and this great game was brought to us by Ritual Entertainement(R)
Quake III is (C) by ID Software
this is an independant map that has no affiliation with the above 
companies, other than the fact that the map only runs on they'r 
This map can be freely distributed, as long as this readme or the
*.PK3 file are not changed, and full credit is given to me 
FliX (
I can't take any responsibilaty, for any damage done by this file, not that it is
suposed to, but well just saving my butt.

Please do host this map on your site if you want! just be so kind
and drop me a mail to inform me, so i can keep track of things.

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