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I knew it! I always suspected Tuvok to be Romulan deep down! or maybe he is affected by the hulk we know why Vulcans don't sh...


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I knew it! I always suspected Tuvok to be Romulan deep down! or maybe he is affected by the hulk we know why Vulcans don't show emotion! data079 brings us the seriously Green Tuvok! Seriously though its an odd skin to be honest but strangely unique. The only thing I would say is a mute point is the green is overkill, perhaps a few different lighter shades of green to make it look that bit more real could have been implemented. Also this won't work on multiplayer skins but its planned for later releases. However that is besides the point and if you like the cut of this Vulcans jive then by all means download.

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Cheesy Header:

========)(This is an official Data079 Document)(=========      

Note: This is a pk3'ed version of the same mod there is no other difference.

Short Introduction: Green Tuvok for EF2

This mod coming from several of my potd submissions turns tuvok's standard hands and face green.

Installation instructions:

To install place the green_tuvok.pk3 file in your base folder
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy.

The contact me here section:

If you have any questions feel free to email
me at:      data079(Dot)gaming(At)gmail(Dot)com     

General Credits:

First off: To Mother and Father- if it was not for them I would not be here.
A big thanks to the EF & EF2 team for making great games.
Many thanks to Chrissstrahl for much support, help and kindness.
I also would like to thank Trekky0623 and cameronmc for helping me decide to come back to the community.
I would also like to thank Tricorder and LegoTrekker for unspecified help and kindness.
I would like to give a big thank you to Petee for teaching me how to pk3.
Also Hocking and IKS for being so helpful and running EFFiles so well.
Also anyone else who has helped me or simply been kind to me THANK YOU!!!.

Beta Tester Credits:

You! Your my beta tester so just let me know if there is anything you don't like.

Thanks so much for your help:)

Legal stuff and Request:


Please do not host this file on your site without first asking permission.
It is likely I'll be fine with it but I'd prefer you ask first.
This file should have originally came from or
If you found it anywhere else please let me know. 
If this file is used on another site it must remain un-altered.

If you decide to use this file in your modification, please ask
me first, as this is the polite thing to do. You can reach me at 
the above email address.


I Take NO Responsibility If This
Harms Your Computer, Get's You In Trouble,
Or Anything Else For That Matter.
Once I've Uploaded it It's Out Of My Hands

All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
This file is not made or supported by Activision.

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