Ground Zero

Ground Zero is a nighttime map laid out in an open area surrounded by mountains. Scattered around the map are large boulders and rocks that...


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Ground Zero is a nighttime map laid out in an open area surrounded by mountains. Scattered around the map are large boulders and rocks that provide cover while trying to get across. Various weapons and pickups can be found all over the map, though beware of snipers when going for pickups left out in the open! There are two small buildings on either end (which serve as flag rooms in CTF). These rooms have a camera of sorts that looks out on the playing field outside. Right outside the buildings is little 'nook' in the cliff where you can take cover or hide in, etc.

The map has some interesting elements put to use (such as the boulders, rocks, lava and water pools) though it is way too dark, even for a night map. I suppose that it's upto to the developer on how dark they want it, but I felt that this dark was perhaps a little blinding.

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Note: I did edit the screenshots to make them a bit brighter so you can see the map :)

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Ground Zero

This map is my first map for EF2.  It is baised outside and at night,
the players will have some spot lights to use but most of it is in near 
darkness.  I tryed to keep this map as realistic as possible.  This 
means that while the weapons are balacnced and the main buildings are 
similar on both sides,  the health items and powerups are scattered in
an almost balaced manner.  The terrain is not the sam on both sides,
but I have done my best to ensure that both side have and equal, if not 
the, same number of advantages and disadvantages.  Be careful when going 
for the lager powerups, as they are in plain sight of the snippers.
also I hope you enjoy the little supprise I added for the RPG's, this
is not an RPG map but can be used as one.

This map is made for:
1)CTF (One Flag, Disintegration, Power Struggle)
2)Team Holomatch (Disintegration, Controle Points, Weapon Score)
3)Bomb Diffusion

To install: Extract into your Base folder, boot up the game and play


I made this map

Build time: 6 days

Disclamer: I hold no responsiblity for any damage this map could do to
your computer.  Download at your own risk.

This map cannot be altered in anyway and redistributed without my 
express permission. If anyone wishes to include this map in their mod
drop me a line and let me know. 

I hope you enjoy this map.  

NOTE: This map does not have bot support.

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