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From the second you start this map, you'll definitely be hit by how amazing the map looks! The style used is really eye-catching, a sort of...


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From the second you start this map, you'll definitely be hit by how amazing the map looks! The style used is really eye-catching, a sort of techno-medieval theme.

By the map's title you obviously get the hint that a bridge is a prominent feature, and in this case the bridge is the map really. Each side of the bridge ends in a spiral with the flag sitting in it's center. The middle of the bridge has been cratered revealing some health pickups and transporters that take you to a sniping platform above the bridge. Throughout the entire map you'll find jumppads to help you reach to the top of the bridge or to just throw you across the large distances to get to the other side. The weapons are mostly focused in the bases, but you'll find ammo all along the bridge as well.

Some of you may get a low FPS running the map, especially near the flags. Also, while most of the map is cushioned (so that you can fall from high altitudes without losing health, which is a good feature to have in this map!) sometimes it is possible to hit an un-cushioned brush and lose health. There was also a bit of 'weirdness' with one of the jumppads that throws you right over the bridge rather than on top of it (not sure if this was intentional though). Personally I thought the bases could have been designed a bit better, it all feels a little too long to walk from one flag to the other.

Overall I though the map was pretty good-looking but the gameplay could have used some more work. It's certainly worth checking out though, it may just be what you like!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download 'hm_ctf_m3bridge.rar' (4.5MB)

HM_CTF_m3BRIDGE by: Joshua 'm3rl1n' Wilson

Release: 03/25/05

Thanks to Tempest and Marvelman for positive feedback aka
'ego reinforcement' ;) and thanks to Avenger84 and Fvillha 
for the above, and general feedback on gameplay issues :)

And thanks to my dad for moral support and feedback/help on 
solving issues.


BOT Support: YES
Soundtrack: NO
Custom Textures: NO
Custom Models: NO
Custom Sounds: NO

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, One Flag, Power Struggle

File size: 4.63 megs


Install: Place the .pk3 file in your 'base' EF2 folder 
(default - C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base\).

Uninstall: Delete or remove the .pk3 file.


Additional thanks to Ritual for making a great game 
(and a great toolset) and to Ritualistic for being the hub 
of the EF2 community.

And specific props to badman for the front page plug :)

And a very special thanks to Gene Roddenberry.

- m3rl1n

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