Holodeck Test



To be honest I'm not really sure what to say about this file. It's meant to be the test of a new holodeck design by a beginner in EF2 mapping and I can only rate this map as a request for help to the more experienced mappers out there. Please note that this map is nothing for you if you want to play a holomatch session on it, it's only meant to have a look at and give feedback. So please do not post any comments like "No gameplay, worthless" but give the author the hints and tricks he needs to improve. Thanks in advance.



This is to show people I’m serious about learning to map EF2.
This has taken me since EF1 was released but now I no how to make a small 
room I recreated a holodeck of my own version.
There are 2 many people to thank but I would like to thank all EF community 
who has helped me in the past and present.
Thanks to Saffi_Sucks FileTrekker and SkareKrow90 for there recent help.

If any one have any tutorials can you PM me at effiles thanks.


Put the BSP file into


Or where ever you installed EF2

Then at the console use the tidle key and type

Map holodeck

Thanks again

I no it’s just a small room in time I’m hoping to learn to make doors open 
curved corridors etc.

Sorry tried doing screen shot but it wouldnt work :(

You can use this file as you want

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