HZM Shuttle

Chrissstrahl returns with the highly talked about pilot-able HZM Shuttle for Elite Force 2.

The shuttle is situated within a large...


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Chrissstrahl returns with the highly talked about pilot-able HZM Shuttle for Elite Force 2.

The shuttle is situated within a large square box that allows plenty of room for you to fly around in, which is done via a new HUD based menu. This menu allows for movement of the shuttle up, down, forward, back etc and can move at different speeds depending on how many times you click a directional command.

In addition this amazing feat of scripting, the shuttle has functional shields - which can be activated from within the cockpit or by shooting at the vessel - as well as a working transporter. This download does not represent the current version of development, however has been released as a taste of work so far, for the community to enjoy.

This is truly an excellent piece of work and is recommended for download, especially to those who still love a bit of EF2 every now and again.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'ef2_hzm_shuttlev2s_2007.06.14based_pilot_able.zip' (2.13MB)

This is a outdated but Pilot able version of the shuttleV2s project, created
by HaZardModding [Chrissstrahl (Christian Sebastian Strahl).]

1.	Copy all *.pk3 files delivered with this
	package into your 'base' folder of 'Star Trek: Elite Force II'
	while the game is not running.

	The Elite Force II 'base' folder is located
	within the Game directory, you need to go
	to the location you have installed the game
	Star Trek Elite Force II.
	EXAMPLE: c:\games\activision\EF2\base\

	In this folder there are more files with the extension
	.pk3, also the file 'pak0.pk3' if you can't find
	your base folder simply search for the file
	'pak0.pk3' using windows file search.
	Of course with out the quotes ( ' ) !
1.	You need to have cheats activated if you don't
	play this map in Singleplayer (g_gametype 0)!
	Please visit the following link to learn how to
	enable cheats:
2.	A copy of 'Star Trek: Elite Force II', not the demo!	

	You can load the map from the Server Start Menu.
	Or you can load the map manually.

	To load this map manually open the console and type in:
	devmap shuttleV2s
	This will load the map manually with cheats enabled
	in single player Mode (g_gametype 0).
1.	You need a copy of EF2 (will not work with the DEMO).
2.	You will need to use one of the follow key for opening the
	Console: ^ or ° or ² or ³ or @ or < or ~ or '
	It's depending of your keyboard language!

	The USS, motivated me to send this old but pilot able
	version of the ShuttleV2s Project in.
All Trademarks and Registred Names are belong
to their respective owner(s). These Files are not
supported by the Game Developer or Publisher

You can host this files, as long as the Archive
and its contents remain in-tact and unmodified.

If you use contents of this Archive, give Credit
to the Authors(s). Support only on the official
HazardModding Forums, there is and there will
be no Support from Activision or Ritual Entertainment,
since this is a Fan made Product.

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