Idryll weapons and Uniform mod

ef2mod.zip —


These are 2 mods in one, U can change the uniforms and U can install the mod to make the iddryll weapons useless at the mission where the enterprise gets attacked. I think that's lame cause it's easy to defeat the Capital ship. But still if there are guys that need this, you can download it...




Credit : My self


What are the mods to do : A new unaform 

and last but not least

M6 under attack  phaser turret mission : 

Ah this mod makes sure the Idrial space ship weapons are as 

Useless as a thief that is in a verbal contract 


Mod copyrighted to Holo Stuidos aka Christopher Edmund

if you wish to use this mod in your mod shame on you lazy get

na ONLY JOKEING just email me at [email protected] 

If you use it without my permission, I will have to kick 

you ass ( jokeing again ) 

I will have EFfiles remove your file untill such time as you 

ask me for the permision to use the mod 



Showve the pk3's into C:/Program Files/Activision/EF2/Base


Thanks for downloading 

Christopher Edmund

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