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I'm sure every modder out there who has to deal with DDS files will appreciate this.

Bluehair has created this utility that lets you open...


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I'm sure every modder out there who has to deal with DDS files will appreciate this.

Bluehair has created this utility that lets you open DDS textures straight away! No converting, no opening radiant each time to look at a texture ;), just double click the file in Explorer and see it full size! You can even check out DDS files from pk3/zips as well, so you dont have to first extract them to view. The program works really well, and besides just opening DDS files without any hassles, the program supports over 30 image formats, dynamic scaling(zooming) and window dragging.

My only gripe with it is that the window always remains on top of everything else (i.e. you always have to minimize it to view a window behind it). But it works great and I know I'm leaving this program on my hard drive :D In more recent games (EF2, CoD, etc) this utility should prove very useful.

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 ** Instant Texture Viewer 1.0
 ** >>> Documentation <<<
 ** Copyright Ā© 2004 Yannick 'Bluehair' Leon <[email protected]>
 ** $File:	./Instant Texture Viewer.txt$
 ** $Designer:	Bluehair$
 ** $Date (US):	04-22-2k4$
 ** $Revision:	04-25-2k4$

[---- OVERVIEW ----]

This is a convenient image file viewer primarily designed to display DDS
files and optimized for use along with PakScape, the very famous PK3 archive


|- support for about 30 image file formats
|- dynamic scaling
|- window dragging
|- screenshot system (includes a DDS exporter)
|- user-friendly config file to customize nearly all aspects of this tool
   (key mapping, resizing filter, screenshot format ...)

[---- INSTALLATION ----]

Put all the files from this archive in a directory of your choice. Follow the
following guidelines to create a file association, so when you click on a
image file in Explorer, PakScape .. this tool is run to display it right away.

How to make this tool open any DDS files on your system?

Assuming that they are not currently associated to any program (*), double-click
on one of them.

A dialog will open saying that Windows cannot open this file. So, select
"Select program in a list" and click OK. In the new dialog that pops out,
type the following text in the description field "Direct Draw Surface Image",
then click on "Browse" and look for "Instant Texture Viewer.exe".

On clicking the OK button, the DDS file you had clicked on will instantly
show up.

(*) otherwise, follow the next guideline and change the program that is
used to open that format.

How to associate the built-in DDS icon to DDS files?

Indeed, I made one following the same design style as the ones of ACDSee :)

Open Explorer, click on the "Tools" menu item, then on "Folder options". Next,
select the "File types" tab.

In the list of recorded file types, search for "DDS". Once this is done, click
on the "Advanced" button. In the new dialog, click "Change icon" and browse
the file "Instant Texture Viewer.exe" (if necessary). Then, you just have to
double-click on the DDS icon.

How to remove the DDS association?

Click on the "Start" button, then the "Run" command, type "regedit" and click OK.

Do a CTRL+F and search for all occurrences of ".dds" as a "key". Whenever a match
is found, press down the DEL key, then F3 to carry on the search until you
eventually get the message "Search in the register done".

[---- USAGE ----]

This tool is designed to take advantage of a 3-button mouse featuring a wheel.

Mouse functions:

	|- left click:		moves the tool's window, when sustained
	|- middle click:	exits the tool
	|- right-click:		resets an image to its original size
	|- wheel:		scales up/down an image

For additional help, hit the TAB key to see the tool's built-in help. Use the
scaling feature if you can't see it in its entirety.

Since I am left-handed and French on top of that (AZERTY keyboard), it is very
possible that you don't like the predefined keys :/ To change them, open the
tool's config file from the location where you put it: "Instant Texture Viewer.ini".
There are a good deal of settings you can tailor there. Everything is commented
so you won't be lost. For instance, you might want to change the scaling filter
to increase scaling speed ('nearest' is the fastest, 'mitchell' is the prettiest).

For information, here is the complete list of supported keys:

a ... z, 0 ... 9, f1 ... f12, numpad0 ... numpad9, mutiply, add, separator,
subtract, decimal, divide, tab, space, left, right, up, down, insert, home,
delete, end

NB: due to a programming trick that enables the dragging feature, if you move
an image beyond the top of the screen, its position will be reset within its
boundaries. Actually, when you drag the tool's window, I fool Windows by
letting it think that the mouse cursor is in the caption bar :)

[---- BOTTOM LINE ----]

I didn't make this tool for only Elite Force II but with the perspective that
it could be used with other games as well, e.g. Call of Duty, and the ones to
come since I think that DDS textures will get more and more used by them.

I hope you will enjoy it :)



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