Klingon Bat'Leth Duel Arena

If you've played JK2/JK:JA you probably are aware of how popular LightSaber duels are. Well here's the EF2 take on that, except you fight wi...


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If you've played JK2/JK:JA you probably are aware of how popular LightSaber duels are. Well here's the EF2 take on that, except you fight with your trusty Bat'Leth!

The arena is a simple level in a Klingon theme. A huge fire in the middle and torches on the walls provide some great ambiant lighting. Health pickups are plenty (be warned that bots really hog them ;)) but they are key to staying alive. If you do fight against bots, they don't initially use the Bat'Leth, so you may get a few free hits now and then.

A pretty good concept for a map here! I would have liked a little more space to move around on the second level, but other than that the map came out rather well! If you want to hone your Bat'Leth skills or have some simple fun then you should check this out :) Qapla`!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

Note: Just so everyone is clear, this map disables the phaser. So even though the phaser still shows up, you can't use it. It's Bat'Leth only :)

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Download 'klingon_duel.zip' (763KB)

Klingon Bat'Leth Duel Arena

Author: Asdfga3

Created: 11-01-03

= Usage:

This map is meant to be used by two or three people fighting each other with only 
Bat'Leth's. Thanks to Tempest, the Phaser is now disabled, and the only weapons availible is
the Bat'Leth.

Note: The Phaser is still availible in the weapons menu, but it cannot fire.

= Info: 

Basically when EF2 was still in development I floated the idea of having Bat'Leth duel 
matches somewhat along the lines of the lightsaber duels from JK2/JK3. However in the full 
version this just didn't happen. Mishiko was commenting on a Bat'Leth only match he was in, 
and that reminded me of this idea. I was looking for a good idea for my first mapping 
project, and so I decided to make a small, arena style map just for duels.

I do NOT want to hear a bunch of people complaigning about how the map is to small and has 
no weapons. You're not using it right! :P

= Stats:

Name: klingon_duel

Gametype(s): DM

Recommended # of players: 2-3 (four is posible but not recommended)

Bot support: Yes

Game supported: Elite Force II

Time to think up: 10 seconds

Time to create: About six hours

Time to perfect: Six days

Time to compile: 1 minute, 15 seconds

= Installation: 

After unzipping this file to wherever, move the 'klingon_duel.pk3' file to your EF2/base 
folder. When you start up the game it will be in your Holomatch menu.

= Uninstallation: 

Simply remove the klingon_duel.pk3 file from your EF2/base folder.

= Contact:

e-mail: asdfga3 AT eliteforce DOT com

Page: http://eliteforce.com

Please feel free to contact me if you liked/disliked the map. Sending "you suck" crap will 
get you blocked, but constructive critisism is welcomed. You can contact me by e-mail or at 
the EliteForce.com forums. I work as an administrator there, so I come around often. ;)

= Credits: 

A HUGE thanks to Tempest who gave me the script to disable the Phaser, and helped me get the
framerate up drastically. :D

Me for making this map.

You for playing it.

Anyone who hosts this map. 

Mishiko Kirov and Tempest for beta testing.

Tempest, 7o_nine, and wolf359 for offering help, without which this map would have never 
been completed.

= Legal: 

You MAY NOT use this level as a basis for other levels without my permission.

You MAY NOT sell or otherwise commerically distribute this file.

You MAY host this map on your site WITH my permission. Please drop me an e-mail. I will most
likely not turn you down.

Enjoy, and remember to drop by eliteforce.com. - Asdfga3

 © 2003 | Asdfga3

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