Lava7 is a rather small and very simple map that appears to have been made to test mapping ability and later on scripting. The author has released it here so that the community can see he is working on EF2. The map consists of a small walkway suspended above a pit of lava, on the walkway you can find a phaser and an assault rifle.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




Author: Skipper
Mode: Singleplayer
email: skipper DOT hancox @ virgin DOT NET

This is version 1 im planning on makeing people follow pathes and other kewl stuff.

This is my very first out side map just to show you that i am working on EF2.
It as takeing me a very long time to get to this stage but i have gotten there in the end.

put the bsp file in EF2/base/maps 
and type in the console :
map lava7

Thank you's
Thanks goes to Chrissstrahl for helping me every day with out him i wouldnt
have gotten this far but at last i know how to do sky boxes with ease now
:D Thank you.

And other people in the EF community who also helped in the past (carnt remeber names.)
And me for takeing the time to make it hehe.

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