Mirrormod Skin Pack

This is a sneak preview of the skins that are going to be used in the mirror universe hazard team mod

There are five skins in total, all...


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This is a sneak preview of the skins that are going to be used in the mirror universe hazard team mod

There are five skins in total, all with a different slant on the original I love the chang he look’s like he should be in village people singing YMCA :)

This is well worth a download .

CTF Support : Yes

Bot Support : No

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Download 'mirrormod-skinpack.zip' (1.37MB)

Mirror Universe Hazard Team
A Mod for Elite Force II
by the Mirror Mod Team
*Mirror Mod Multiplayer Teaser Skin Pack*
Thank You for downloading the Mirror Universe Hazard Team Mod.
We appreciate your support!

What is in this pack?
* A preview of some of the skins used in the mod

Installation instructions:
Extract the file Mirrormod-Preview-skinpack.pk3 to your EF2\Base folder
If you installed Elite Force II to the default folder, this would
be located here: C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\Base

Simply delete the pk3 files from your computer

For help regarding the mod, you can either e-mail the mod leader,
Derrick Goodfriend, at [email protected], or visit the
Mirror Mod forums, http://forums.mirrormod.com/ and click on the
"Mirror Mod" forum.
The Mirror Mod Team is:
Derrick Goodfriend (mirrormod) - Mod Leader
Rob Cavanagh (Hannibal) - Lead Stroywritter
Jon Rata (Autonox) - Lead Mapper
TrebucheT - Skinning/Models/Storyline
Borgking - Mapping/Scripting
Aaron (Asdfga3) - Mapping
Martin Shields - Mapping/Scripting
Nazar Surmai (Sharky) - Texture Artist
[SFI]Valix - Skinning / Models
George Visser ({SFEF}Sn!pe-0) - Mapping / Textures
Terrell Morris (magicmaster50060) - Beta Testing
Ben Williams - Beta Testing
Sean Mullaney - Creative Advisor / Beta Testing
Dheann - Female Voice Actress / Creative Advisor
Dave Mitrani - Multimedia Manager

We would also like to thank the following people:
* The EliteForce.com Staff:
  Robbie Goacher
  Chris Graham (For Help with the website / forum)
  Allen Ellis (For help with our graphics)
* Ritual Entertainment
* Paramount Pictures
* Raven Software for the original Elite Force
* Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek
* You, for downloading our work

Every public file contained within the mod are the property of the Mirror Mod
Team. Duplication or Modification of these files is prohibited without
the consent of the Mod Team. The files contained within are not to be
sold for profit, but may be contained on media that was paid for only 
to cover any duplication and/or shipping and handling charges. Permission
to duplicate these files onto a media souce (such as a compact disc) is 
given to online download providers who offer compact discs of downloads
to those with low-band internet connections. 

DISCLAIMER: The Mod Team is not responsible for any damage done to your
computer by installing this mod. The files contained within have been
extensively tested before being released to the public. Technical 
Support issues with Elite Force II itself can be addressed to Ritual

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