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This is a pretty cool mod. What it does is changing the multiplayer Phaser and Tricorder to the nemesis ones. Very impressive. It can be use...


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This is a pretty cool mod. What it does is changing the multiplayer Phaser and Tricorder to the nemesis ones. Very impressive. It can be used as a server side mod, so when a server runs this mod all players will have nemesis phasers and tricorders, even if they didn't download this file. When you download the file and a server does not run it you still have the nemesis ones.

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EF2 Phaser STX Multiplayer-Only Readme
Version 1.0
-adds new looking phaser to multiplayer, also has support for Tricorders, Server-Side Mod.
-Supports Solo Match
Date: 7.2.03

No new models or sounds are included in this zipfile.

To install, extract to your EF2 directory, all files will go to their correct places.

NOTE: Does NOT work in specialties, as specialties has its own configuration file somewhere which was not included on the cds.  Guess we will have to wait for the SDK.  


The Purpose of this small modification is to change the phaser from the old one used in multiplayer by default to the new phaser used in most of the singleplayer while on the Enterprise.
-Technical Stuff

The files were found in the pak0.pk3 file in the base folder, and I extracted them
	into the base folder.

The files are (in their correct location in the base folder) :

global/mp_team.cfg - controls Bomb Defusion phaser type

This is a SERVER-SIDE Modification, so clients don't need to download the modified files.  It does work in solomatches, and downloading won't affect the phaser when you join other servers without modified files.

The reason the files are not in a pk3 file is that they are easier to modify when not in a pk3 file in the base folder.  These files can be found in the base/global folder in your EF2 directory.


There is are also several commented sections that allow use of a tricorder, although they do nothing in normal mulitplayer games but blink and flash :-) .  In Specialties and Power Struggle and Bomb Defusion, the tricorder is automatically added to your inventory and changing these settings do nothing in to affect the tricorder type in these modes.  Use of the tricorder in death match and other holomatch gametypes which don't usually have the tricorder might help Roleplaying EF2 Servers. Just remove the forward slashes to add a tricorder.

The lines are: 

giveWeapon weapons/worldmodel-batleth.tik

//Original Phaser
//giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-phaser.tik

//New Phaser (Nemesis Style)
giveWeapon weapons/worldmodel-phaser-STX.tik

//Tricorders, don't do anything, but can be used for roleplaying purposes
//Note: The datapad is overrided in modes that use the old tricorder like Power Struggle and Specialties

//Old Tricorder
//giveWeapon weapons/worldmodel-tricorder.tik

//Datapad, new tricorder
//giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-tricorder-STX.tik

//Romulan Datapad
//giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-rom-datapad.tik

startingWeapon weapons/worldmodel-phaser-STX.tik


NOTE: Only one type of phaser or tricorder should be used at a time.  Start Weapon is overrided in modes like Bomb Defusion and Specialties (and these files have no affect on Disintegration)

These files control what clients start out with in the deathmatch, team dm (Bomb Defusal Affected), and ctf modes.

You should be able to add any playable weapon to the client's inventory when they spawn.

All these are taken from the give all script in the pak0.pk3 file in the base folder.

giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-tricorder.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-phaser.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-fieldassaultrifle.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-burstrifle.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-compressionrifle.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-IMod.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-grenadelauncher.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-photon.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-tetryon.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-sniperrifle.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-rom-disruptor.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-tricorder.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-batleth.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-rom-radgun.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-attrex-rifle.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-enterprise.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-drull-staff.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-rom-datapad.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-tricorder-stx.tik
giveweapon weapons/worldmodel-phaser-STX.tik

Author: As10101

Sidenote: It isn't much, no where near a mod, but its the best I can do until the SDK is released, which will hopefully be soon ;-).  I haven't really tested the full extent of editing these files, but if you run into any problems, you can always just delete them.

- Legal section

The files included were orginally made by Ritual Entertainment, and therefore all copyright belongs to Ritual Entertainment.

All content in Elite Force 2 is copyright by Ritual Entertainment.
All rights reserved.

Paramount and anything with the Paramount logo and/or patent on it, is - copyright by Paramount Pictures

And any other parties that I forgot to mention who made this great game.

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