Return of the Empty Crown



"Things are happening... The federation is losing contact with many worlds. Reports of sudden attacks. Around the Romulan border. Then, the USS HAWK gets a distress call from Attrexia Prime. Romulans have invaded the planet and are killing it's people. When the HAWK arrives, it is attacked and borded. Playing as Lt. Commander Richard Mainwhering, a relation of Alex Munro, you must fight off the Romulans and help the Attrexians fight the Romulan invaders. Play over 4 brand new levels in a new EF2 MOD!"

This MOD has no cinematics or fancy script, it is a first person storyline. Review: If you played through EF2's SP you undoubtedly will be familiar with the Attrexians and the Empty Crown. Well, the Empty Crown has returned to the Attrexian planet and it's your job to stop them. The mod is broken into four different maps (very small maps) starting off in the shuttle bay of the USS Hawk (how the Romulans invaded a Federation ship I don't know). Once you've battled the Romulans in the shuttle bay you are then transported to the Attrexian planet where the Romulans are attacking various Attrexian civilians. Once you've run down the street removing the Romulan threat, you are started off in the next level which is inside a building controlled by the Romulans. Once again you must save the Attrexians while killing the Roms. The third and final level then takes over putting your outside once again where larger numbers of Romulans have gathered making your job a bit more difficult.

The mod certainly sounds interesting and the storyline isn't all too bad. However, I think the technical aspect of this mod is the killing factor. The mod makes no use of EF2's brilliant scripting system to create anything interesting and there are a few bugs here and there. It honestly feels like this chapter of the mod is either a Beta or even an Alpha version, but definitely not a final. For one thing the AI of all the Roms isn't great. They mostly stand still until you're really close to them before doing anything. The Attrexians are no better. Most dont react at all, and some blindly shoot walls and things. Some other map bugs include bad texturing (z-fighting in some places as well as putting a terrain texture on a normal brush resulting in a flashing ground in level1c, etc etc) and a weird sky (which looks like several sky models grouped together to fill up the space, but no sky portal).

There is no pk3 to this mod either. You must manually extract the files to your EF2/base/maps directory and then load them one by one through the console (also, I'm not sure if this will happen to everyone, but at the end of each level EF2 constantly crashed instead of loading the next one). You are also required to downlaod Tempests Star Trek models to show up one shuttle model used in the mod (I don't know why the model itself was not included with the mod). You can get that here if you dont have it: http://eliteforce.com/index.php?page=files&type=file&id=579

I don't want to come off sounding mean, but the mod needs much more work and I can only hope Luke puts some more polish on the remaining chapters. My main advice would be to get some Beta Testers.... a big must.



Lt. Commander Richard Mainwearing

A relation to Alex Munro, this is who you play as.

Lt. Commander Telsia “TM2” Murphy

A clone of the original Telsia who was created when the Hawk traveled to an Attrexian colony. She is romantically involved with Captain Lewis.

Captain Lewis

16 year old Captain of the HAWK. A cross between Captain Picard & Commander Riker.


When you have installed the MOD (See readme.), open the console in EF2 and type:

Map chapter1hawklevel1

And play that level. At the end of that level, EF2 will close and you must start it again and type in:

Map level1a The same will happen again and you must then type:

Map level1b

And then again:

Map level1c.

Level description

Level 1 – USS HAWK Shuttlebay


1- Get to the Hazard Team prep center and collect you weapons. 2- Clear the ship of Romulans.

Level 1a – Attrexian Streets Now that you are on the planet, you must help the Attrexians:


1- Clear the Attrexian City Streets of Romulans. 2- Get to the Command center. 3- Eliminate Snipers from roofs. 4- Protect the Attrexians.

If you complete the level, then you have completed all objectives except No.2 which is inside a building.

Level 1b – Attrexian Command Building

You are inside the main building of the Attrexian empire.


1- Get to the Command center. 2- Eliminate all Romulans from the building. 3- Protect the Attrexians.

When you complete this level, you have completed all of these objectives except NO.1.

Level 1c – Attrexian Outskirts

You arrive in the Command center, automatically completing that objective. When you get outside, Telsia and your other team member will stay and look after some wounded Attrexians.


1- Clear the medical center of Romulans. 2- Go to the Attrexian Underground train and clear the tracks of Romulans. 3- Get back to your shuttle!

This is very hard. After the underground train is clear, you will come out onto a giant field of Romulans, Attrexians & Starfleet Officers. Your shuttle is behind a wall and the only door to the shuttle is locked. Find a console and unlock it. But be quick! The door will only be open a few seconds!

Secrets & Other Information

In each level, there are secret areas and starships. Look for them!

TIP: Always let your teammates take damage. You will stay alive that way! Don’t shoot Attrexians, they will always help you!



Chapter 1 - The Return of the Empty Crown

This is the first version of Chapter 1 of the MOD.




The sky on level 1c is a bit bad, but OK.


Put the contents of each "THE FILES" folders into your EF2/base/maps folder.

Why do you want to do that?!!
Just delete the files in the EF2/base/maps folder.


This is officially part of "The Return of the Empty Crown." An EF2 MOD.




I am not responsible for any damage this does to your computer.
Although, I cannot see how it would affect your computer.

If you want to host this on your site, you must include it with all of the other files in this
promo pack, and you must ask me, via the "File Comments." section of the EFFILES page or Elite Force.com that this file
is on.

Please don't change the files and then post them on the web, thanks.


Hope you enjoy this!

Thanks again for downloading this.

Luke 80.

(Chief Mapper, story writter & designer of "The Return of the Empty Crown.")


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