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If you're a fan of Return of the Empty Crown (Chapter 1 - V2) and Return of the Empty Crown (Chapter...


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If you're a fan of Return of the Empty Crown (Chapter 1 - V2) and Return of the Empty Crown (Chapter 2), then you will appreciate this add-on, if you haven't yet played these single-player mods for Elite Force II, crafted by Luke20, then you should definately give them a download...with this add-on, of coarse!

W4rbird was not crazy about the fact that when playing the Return of the Empty Crown, in order to load the mod, you would have to remember exact name of map file. With the Return of The Empty Crown Menu Addon, you have access to a menu, which makes selecting the map file a whole lot easier...this way, you can concentrate on strategy and winning rather then what the exact name of the file is. Now, launching any map (including exclusive or deleted maps) is as easy as pressing a button.

  • New Textures: Yes
  • New Sounds: Yes
  • New Shaders: Yes
  • New Menu: Yes

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'rotec_mod_menu_addon.rar' (1.8MB)

A Star Trek: Elite Force II Mini-Mod
TITLE: Return of The Empty Crown Menu Addon
AUTHOR: W4rbird
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: rotec_mod_menu_addon.rar
DATE RELEASED: 6th September 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: First, extract files from the archive wherever you want (e.g. on Desktop), then select desired file corresponding to your liking (animated or static menu) and throw the .pk3 file into /base folder.

- Luke20 - for making great SP mod;
- Ritual Entertainment/Activision - for the rest.

Return of The Empty Crown - nice SP mod for EF2, lacked something IMHO. I couldn't stand the idea that you have to remember exact name of map file to play it, even if you can find it in the console (but that is a little too unprofessional). And so it is. I made a menu, which greatly simplifies that fact. Just fire up EF2, select NEW GAME and you'll notice a new button - 'Launch Return of The Empty Crown Mod' from where you can select any map you want from that mod (including exclusive or deleted maps).
I hope you enjoy it!

New Textures: Yes (one, made in The GIMP v2.2)
New Sounds: Yes (one, made in Read Genius v3.0)
New Shaders: Yes (one, (only animated version of menu) made in Notepad :P)
New Menu: obviously Yes (one, made in dlgedit2.exe)

COMMENT: At early stage, I thought, that it would be faster to complete this mod by forcing ppl to bind a key with the menu, but then I thought it will be more elegant if I make an entry in existing NEW GAME menu pointing to this one. 

COMMENT2: I was trying to contact with Luke20 (three times), but he seems no longer use e-mail as a form of communication, because, I thought I could, with his permission, repack his whole mod (two chapters) into one single .pk3 file and then merge it with my .pk3, so it would look as a more complete mod. But, oh well... 

LEGAL w00t:
In no way am I responsible for whatever damage this can cause to your computer. If you use any part of this file, please make sure you ask 
for my persmission, before releasing it. 


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