RPG Atlantic



map. It puts together many maps into one. This map is as a result, huge.There is no bridge, as Daedalus is better at editing sources and making rpg maps than making a good thing from scratch. This would ruin the map if he made a bridge, as the source did not include one. Obviously this is a map for junior officers Roleplays mainly.A few bugs along the line that the author has recognised:

Turbolift Teleport problems: Transports to the same deck :P Resulting only one way to get to engineering. Teleport Glitch: you get teleported into the ceiling, you have to duck to get off the ceiling lol Cargobay door on particular deck: Opens really Weird?!?This is a tough one to call. Whereas it has considerable work done to it, the textures have left a lot to be desired. The texture quality really doesn't do this map any bit of justice as there is no detail and it is very bland. It is a real pity that the textures are a let down.This map has potential but it really needs a major overhaul of sthetics to really make this map worth checking out. An improvement version is needed :)- IKS

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