RPG Enterprise-E - Patch 1.0

This is a patch for the recently released RPG Enterprise-E (Alpha) map, by GSIO01 that can be found [url="http://eliteforce2.f...


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This is a patch for the recently released RPG Enterprise-E (Alpha) map, by GSIO01 that can be found here. :)

You will have had to download and install that map before installing this patch.

Chrissstrahl brings us this small patch that connects the decks of the Enterprise together and straightens out a few of the map's flaws as well as adding a few new features. The turbolift panels are now useable, there is a shuttle in the shuttlebay and even the laptop in Captain Picard's readyroom will open and close!

For some reason, there is also a selection of bonus material inside the Zip folder, such as an interview with the map's developer and some random hud displays. :confused:

With the map now fully open to explore and use, this might just give people a reason to dust off their EF2 CDs and try RPG Enterprise-E as an online roleplay. At least one can hope. :rolleyes:

This is great stuff! :rock:

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download 'ef2_rpg_enterprise_e_alpha_patch1.zip' (1.17MB)

Chrissstrahl //Developer of this script-based update
GSIO 		 //Mapper of this Enterprise, exclusive consultant for this update

1.	A copy of Star Trek: Elite Force II, (patched 1.1).

2.	GSIO's Star Trek: Elite Force II, Enterprise E
	Role-Playing-Game Map, (rpg_enterprise_e).
	This Update is for the official Alpha-Version.
	Download now the Alpha version at www.effiles.com
	If you have the feeling that the Map needs
	to long to load, try to open the console.
	This can take a few seounds, type then in to
	the console 'reconnect' without qoutes.
	With reconnect you should have no trubbles to
	enter a server once you got stuck.
-	Turbolifts are now Working, you can access all
	decks now without cheats. This is the first
	version of the Turbolift System, a Menu will
	maybe come soon, depending on the community activity.
-	Corrected multiple small script bugs.
-	Added Info at the Armory when ever you pickup
	or drop a weapon.
-	Replaced the static Laptop in the Ready Room
	with a interactive Laptop.
-	Added Physics Vars for Gravity and MoveSpeed.
-	Added a Shuttle (notsolid) at Deck 7b, targetname
	is '$type11'.
-	Added a routine to unarm the players, take the ugly
	Voyager Phaser away from them and equip them with
	the Phaser-STX and Tricorder-STX.
-	Ready Room Door is now Usable and no longer locked.
-	Static Viewscreen SkyModel Covered with a 'script_model'
	equivalent, targetnamed '$viewscreenSky'.
-	Edited the MNI-file to allow voting this map at all
	save game Modes in Multiplayer via Menu.

	Copy any *.pk3 files in this Zip-Archive in to
	your Star Trek: Elite Force II 'base' folder.

	The 'base' folder is the data folder of EF2,
	here the game stores all it's game-data.
	The game data is stored in *.pk3 files.
	Those *.pk3 files are Quake3 Media Archives
	which are just renamed Zip Files(deflat32).

	The Elite Force II 'base' folder is located
	within the Game directory, you need to go
	to the location you have installed the game
	'Star Trek: Elite Force II'.
	EXAMPLE: c:\games\activision\EF2\base\

	In this folder there are more files with the extension
	.pk3, also the file 'pak0.pk3' if you can't find
	your base folder simply search for the file
	'pak0.pk3' using windows file search.
	Of course with out the qoutes ( ' ) !

Enterprise E Support Forum -> http://forums.darkmatter-clan.com/index.php?&board=70.0
Enterprise E Download(Alpha) -> http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/;85160
Enterprise E Screenshots Package -> http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/;80144

    You can send me a mail to my Yahoo address:
    No technical support via E-Mail, use the Forums:

    All Trademarks and Registred Names are belong
    to their respective owner(s). These Files are not
    supported by the Game Developer or Publisher

    You can host this files, as long as the Archive
    and its contents remain in-tact and unmodified.
	If you use contents of this Archive, give Credit
    to the Authors(s). Support only on the official
	HazardModding Forums, there is and there will
	be no Support from Activision or Ritual Entertainment,
	since this is a Fan made Product.

    EF Stuff -> www.effiles.com
    Activison -> www.activision.com
    Ritual Entertainment -> www.ritualistic.com
    Borg War - The Movie -> www.borgwarmovie.org
    Strong Compression tool/Archiver -> www.7zip.org
    Star Traks: Machinima -> www.khobrah.net/silver/machinima.html
    Podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming -> http://www.hailingfrequency.co.uk
    Program with which this Mod has been Developed on -> http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net

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