Scorpion Fighter Map Model



This is a nice map model (not for your player skin) that mappers can now use in their EF2 maps.

It is a Scorpion Fighter that you may have seen in 'Star Trek: Nemesis'. 7 was originally making this model for the EF2 Nemesis mod, but now is releasing it for everyone to use :).

Here is some technical data for those of you that know this stuff: Polycount: 748 Vertex count: 668 Texture size: 1024x512[base] + 512x256[glow]

Note that the polycount doubles to 1496 if the glow version of the model is used due to shader handling methods. The model defaults to using the glow version with the higher polycount, however if you want the lower poly version without a glow, check out how to change it in the readme - it explains it very well.

If you end up using this model (and you should since it is nice) then it would be cool to give 7 an e-mail :). Check the readme for more details.




Name: Scorpion Fighter
Author: 7o'nine
Email: exit(at)rogers(dot)com
Website: http://ca.geocities.com/exit(at)rogers(dot)com/ [replace the (at) with @, etc]
Version: v1.0
Date: 21st December, 2005

This is the Scorpion fighter craft as seen in the ST: Nemesis movie.
This model was originally being made for the Nemesis Project for EF2, however since that mod is no longer continuing, I thought I'd release it for anyone to use :)

I don't know how canon this is.. I worked off a couple pictures from the net, but I didn't go crazy making sure everything was 100% right. I was aiming for as low a polycount as possible due to the fact that it was likely that about 8-10 of these might be on screen at once. 
For this reason, there is a version of this without a 'glow' included because it's in-game polycount is 748 tris, whereas WITH the glow the polycount doubles to 1496 (this is due to the way the shaders are handled). So if you want the lower polycount version do this:

1. Open models/vehicle/scorpion.tik in Notepad or similar program
2. Replace these lines:
surface material1 shader scorp2glow //with glow
//surface material1 shader scorp2 //without glow

With these lines:
//surface material1 shader scorp2glow //with glow
surface material1 shader scorp2 //without glow

3. Save the tik and reload the game :)

I have also left the textures as TGA despite the 2mb file size. I thought I'd leave it up to you whether you wanted to convert it to DDS for a smaller file size (around 600kb). You can do this via a program caled "DDS Converter" (available on EFFiles).

If you want the Max file or the Photoshop PSD source files then email me (they are a mess though so dont blame me :P).

***PLEASE*** If, for whatever reason, you want to convert this to another game, or use it as part of another mod then give me credit (it'd be nice to email me as well just so I know that it's of use to anyone :))

Put the pk3 in your EF2/base folder, in Radiant this model will appear in your right click menu
Go to 'vehicle > reman > scorpion' to load the model.

Polycount: 748
Vertex count: 668
Texture size: 1024x512[base] + 512x256[glow]

In no event will I/we be held responsible for any damages or loss of data of any kind,including with out limitation any
special,indirect,incidental or consequential damages as a resulting from the use or mis-use of the files located in this zip file even if I/we has been advised of such damages. 
As always I recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material.

This model MAY NOT be used as a base for any other model creation, without the written consent of the 
original authors permission,nor shall any part of this zip be used for commercial gain in any way shape or form.

However if you wish to distribute this file it MUST contain ALL the original files,that were present during the initial download, and must not be altered in any way shape or form.It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail mail. ;-)

I reserve the right to modify these files in anyway, at any time, without warning. 

©2005 7o'nine. All rights Reserved.
All other copyrights and registered trademarks are acknowledged of their respective owners.

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