Sea Temple

Sea Temple is one of my favourite stock EF1 maps, and I'm glad it's here for EF2. It's just one those maps that force you to work as a te...


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Sea Temple is one of my favourite stock EF1 maps, and I'm glad it's here for EF2. It's just one those maps that force you to work as a team. Sure if you're an amazing player you could breeze right through, but chances are that at some point or another you'll need some form of teamwork to get anywhere.

For those not familiar with CTF_And1 from EF1, the map follows a sort of aquatic-aztec theme. The walls and floors are made of stone etched with carvings (shells/fish/waves), crystals on the floors and ceilings provide light, and pools of water flood the lowest levels. The main areas of the map are pretty closed off, but each base offers a lot of ways to move around with ease to cover your entire base. From the flag area you can spy on what's happening below, you can dash around the various entrances to keep an eye out, etc. The center is usually where the action takes place. It has a bridge going through it that connects the two bases, as well as two water tunnels on either side that give access to the lower levels of each base. Hence you will be passing through the center whether you like it or not... it can get a bit like a choke point at times.

The conversion from EF1 is by far one of the best I've seen. Yes, there actually is proper lighting (though in the flag areas there are a few too many dark shadows); the scale is just right for EF2; an important And1 feature of the healing water pool has been retained; and the overall feeling is that it actually works for EF2's gameplay! Worth the download :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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**********!!!!!!!!! Sea Temple !!!!!!!!!**********

Converted By =)^(= Gez
Created By Raven Software

E-mail: [email protected]

this zip file includes,
#Don't Readme.txt

This map is designed specifically to work with the Ultimate Patch v1.1 for EF2, if the server is not running this,
strange things *may* happen :D

Installation Instructions
Just Unzip ctf_and1.pk3 To Your base directory.

Fully supported

Things About My Map
Build Time: 2 days
Compile time: 0 hours, 10 minutes and 30 seconds
File Type: Elite Force 2 Map
File Name: ctf_and1
Gametypes/Modifiers Supported: All

Special Thanks

Visit us on the web:

You are free to distribute the original zip file which must remain un-altered.
As far as im aware my map hasn't got any viruses or data corruption software! However if you do encounter strange 
enities crawling around your screen, I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.
The original concept is property of Raven sofware.

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